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What are Klingon Family Lines?

The Klingon Empire is composed of hundreds of family lines, commonly referred to as Houses. A family line may be considered as a Major or Minor House depending on its size, wealth and political influences within the Klingon Empire.

A family line is not necessarily composed entirely of blood relations; if a line is open, it will occasionally adopt new members if they have skills, contacts or material goods that will bring honour, fame or fortune to the House. While the customs for ratification vary from line to line, generally any family member can sponsor another individual for adoption into his house line. If the newcomer is ambitious, the offering of handsome gifts and bribes when requesting adoption with a line could offer many benefits in return.


Why join a Klingon Family Line?

The average Klingon hopes to gain advantages from alliance with a family line (see The Kasara Alliance), not the least of which is protection. In this context, protection ranges from the money to buy off potential enemies to the provision of trustworthy bodyguards. In addition the individual benefits from the reputation and social status of his new family. The individual line member must contribute to the welfare of the House with their loyalty and defense in the cause of the line.


Klingon Line Registry

The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps has established a "Klingon Line Registry" that all Klingons, regardless of affiliations, may register their family house or lines. Listings will be able to include such details as background history, open/closed house, number of members, official website and the family's crest or logo. While the database is still currently under development, we have launched a Klingon Family Line Webring, in which the various family lines can bring attention to their sites, and perhaps recruit potential new members. If you are interested, please feel free to visit the site for more information on how to joing the webring:


House Leadership

Most Houses are led by a Head of House, usually one who has achieved the honorific of Zantai or Epetai. The Head of House may also designate subordinate Heads to oversee the Household in their stead or in certain sectors of the Empire. This Head of House is more than just a patriarch or matriarch of an extended family group. They combine the power and responsibilities of a financial comptroller, political spokesperson, corporate magnate, legislative coordinator and the ultimate judicial authority for each and every line member.


House or Line Composition

A House's composition can be mixed (varying percentages of Imperial and Romulan or Human fusions) or it can be 100% Imperial or 100% Fusions. Extended family lines are social/political groups in which Klingons of different racial backgrounds interact freely with one another for the benefit of all concerned. The extended line seems to allow a greater flexibility, and, thus, greater politial influence. All Houses have their own political and military views of the Empire and its relation with the Federation and other worlds. A few of the Houses are active pro-Alliance supporters; these include House Kasara, House Dyzala, and House Subaiesh. Although not quite as prevalent as it once was, there as still some Houses who do not fully support the Grand Alliance** between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

For more detailed information regarding:

  • Klingon family alliances, you can visit The Kasara Alliance
  • Links to Individual Klingon Families:

House Kasara
House Subaiesh
House G'Bcyn
House K'YaRT'ash
House T'aw

** (The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps has always had a strong role-playing component; our organization has chosen to role-play during the period of "The Grand Alliance". This period of peace between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets is considered to have started around the time frame of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country until just before the Klingon Civil War.)


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