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Klingon Joy of Tech cartoon
The above image used by kind permission of Joy of Tech.
KIDC are proud supportersof "The Joy of Tech" website. Visit them for more great comics!


We invite you to visit our popular "Klingon Imperial Forums", where you can participate in numerous discussions of Klingon-related topics, ranging from language and culture, to weaponry, costuming and even games such as Klingon chess. Feel free to drop by and have a look around, but you'll need to register (for free) if you'd like to post or reply to any messages.

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An Intro to the Klingon Empire

This is the official website of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the fostering and promotion of Klingon culture and society here on Earth. This is the largest and most comprehensive Klingon Cultural Resource on the Net today with over 225 pages of award-winning Klingon-related content.

Klingons are not "strange" fans - you would be surprised to find out how many fans of both Star Trek and Klingon culture are out there, and from all walks of life. Why else would there be over a dozen published books and novels and at least 2 computer games dedicated to the subject? Klingon fans are simply interested in a futuristic culture that places great import on honour, duty and loyalty to one's family, ship and empire. Many Klingon fans do dress up at times, however the majority of Klingons do so to participate in charity events around the globe; from "Red Cross" blood drives to fund-raisers for charitable organizations such as "Make A Wish Foundation", the "Missing Children's Network", and countless others. By dressing in original and hand-made works of art, they are able bring more attention from both the media and from the common folk to the cause they are promoting.

KIDC Club Info

This section has all kinds of information concerning the KIDC, an FAQ, departments, ranks, honourifics, and an archive of our news publications.

Klingon Guilds

Introduction and information concerning the various Klingon-related guilds that the KIDC has established over the years.

Klingon CommNet

This section dedicated to all forms of communication within the Klingon community. You will find our Public Klingon Mailing Lists, our Star Trek Computer Gaming Mailing Lists, numerous online gathering places and our popular Klingon Imperial Forums. There is also our Cyberlinks section, where you can add your own links to Klingon and Star Trek related websites. Feel free to use our Klingon Virtual Post Office to send greetings back to your home planet!

Klingon Database

This will be where the vast majority of our Klingon data will reside; a History of the Klingon Empire, an Introduction to the Empire and specific sections on Klingon culture to Klingon family lines and houses, Rituals, Traditions & Ceremonies to Intergalactic Cuisine. You'll also find info on Klingon Weaponry and Klingon Costuming and of course, our popular Who's Who in the Klingon Empire - a database of notable Klingons.

Klingon Resources

A gathering of interesting resources; from the KNN: Klingon News Network to our popular Free Software Library and an excellent section on Star Trek Book Reviews. Also upcoming will be our official Klingon Line Registry.

Klingon FAQ

Frequently asked questions concerning the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps, the Klingon Empire and it's people.

Klingon Guest Registry

Our official Klingon Imperial Guest Registry is open for your comments, compliments and suggestions concerning this website. Be sure to tell us what you think of the new look!

KIDC Contact Info

How to contact the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps and it's members.

Use our Klingon Virtual Post Office to send your Klingon friends, family and ship-mates a Klingon e-card, a Klingon birthday card, or even congratulate them on their latest promotion! It's free and you can add your own images and music too!


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