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Klingon Educational Database

The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps prides itself on it's reknown and expansive Klingon educational database. We are pleased to be able to grant limited academic access to this database to accredited students, researchers and members of the diplomatic corps of any of the Federation worlds, under agreements signed under the Khitomer Accords. Please be prepared to present your academic or diplomatic credentials if requested.


Klingon 101: An Introduction

  • An Introduction to the Klingon Empire
    A basic introduction to the Klingon Empire; detailing many aspects of it's intriguing and complex society, government, fascinating beliefs, as well as some pertinent medical data.

Klingon 201: Basic Historical Studies

  • A Brief History of the Klingon Empire
    A brief outline of Klingon history, including legendary figures from their ancient past, First Contact with the UFP, to the destruction of Praxis, the Klingon Civil War and the War with the Dominion.

Klingon 301 to 501: Advanced Studies in Klingon Society

  • Klingon Family Lines
    Klingons are grouped into Family Lines or Houses; what exactly does this mean? What is the Kasara Family Alliance and what Klingon Houses belong to it? Includes background histories on a few Houses and a link to the new Klingon Line Registry.

  • Klingon Rituals, Ceremonies & Traditions
    A detailed guide of the many fascinating aspects of Klingon rituals, traditions and ceremonies and their importance in Klingon society.

  • Who's Who in the Klingon Empire
    A listing of some of the major personalities in the Klingon Empire and comments on their notable deeds (list incomplete, but still growing as time allows). Also may include links to the actor/actress who played the role and their biography.


Klingon 601 to 801: Advanced Cultural Studies

  • Klingon Costuming & Fashion
    Are you interested in the art of Klingon Costuming? Then you will want to visit our sister organization, the Klingon Imperial Costumers Guild. For those of you who are interested in the art of Klingon costuming and make-up; several resources have been set up by the KIDC in order to gather together those who share this interest. We have a growing Klingon Costuming community and mailing list on Yahoo! Clubs. Participation is open to Klingon fandom, regardless of their affiliation; please feel free to join in and ask questions or share your own experience with others. All details are in our Klingon Guilds section.

  • Klingon & Intergalactic Cuisine
    Planning on making a few additions to your replicator's menu listing? Why not check our suggestions for a guaranteed adventure in intergalactic dining...

  • Klingon Weaponry
    Are you interested in the art of Klingon weaponry? Interested in carrying on the heritage of this valuable part of our history? Then you will want to visit our sister organization, the Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild. The Guild also has a fascinating discussion mailing list available for it's members.

Supplementary Credits: Additional Educational Resources

Please feel free to browse through these additional educational resource materials in order to give yourself a deeper insight into Klingon culture and some of it's more notable historical figures.

  • Klingon Audio Library
    A growing archive of over a dozen webpages of quotes from numerous Klingon characters, Klingon sound effects and Klingon music tracks.

  • Humour Database
    A compendium of a dozen webpages of Star Trek and Klingon-related humourous pieces (jokes, Top Ten lists, poems, songs, etc.) collected from around the Net, for your entertainment pleasure.


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