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Intergalactic Cuisine

On this page, you will find a large assortment of Intergalactic delicacies that are often served at official Diplomatic Receptions that are held on special occasions by the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps. A short description of the food item follows each listing. All terms are in alphabetical order; you can advance directly to a particular section by following the individual letter links found below.

We are also gathering data for separate pages for Intergalactic Beverages and Klingon Cuisine.

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Andorian Blue Goo Dip
Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps specialty, served at Diplomatic Receptions

Aubergine Stew
A dish enjoyed by Jadzia Dax

Jadzia Dax's favorite meal

Banana Split
Terran dessert consisting of frozen bovine lactations (ice cream), toppings and a yellow tropical fruit called a banana, which is split in half lengthwise

Old Earth delicacy made by simmering bipodal seeds in sauce

Unhatched eggs of large scaleless Earth fish; it is considered a human delicacy

Cellular Peptide cake
A baked dessert that is reputed to be best when served with mint frosting

A sweet Terran confection made from roasted & ground cacao beans, reputed to be an aphrodisiac by many.

Delovian souffle
Ice-cream like dessert served by Guinan in Ten-Forward aboard the USS Enterprise

Denebia Quatlh Min
Denebian Slime Devil Eyeballs, this is a Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps specialty

A dish liked by both Dr. Leah Brahms and Geordi LaForge

Sweet confection made from jumja tree sap, also known as Jumja

Traditional Terran Scottish dish made from sheep's stomach; an acquired taste it seems...

I'danian spice pudding
Extremely caloric dessert

Served on the Promenade of Station Deep Space Nine, also known as Glop-On-A-Stick

Kaferian apples
A fruit that resembles striped Earth apples

Kohlanese stew
Dish served at Quark's on the Promenade of Station Deep Space Nine

Larish Pie
A traditional Cardassian dish

Lokar beans
A traditional Ferengi dish

Mantickian paté
An exotic dish concocted by Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Troi

A leaflike Betazoid delicacy favored by Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Troi

Owon eggs
A delicacy served as an omelet by Riker, favored by Worf

Parthas à la Yuta
Acamarian meal of green vegetable with fleshy roots

Pasta al fiorella
One of Geordi's favorite dishes

Pulaski's Chicken Soup, part of her treatment for flu virus

Petrokian sausage
Type of food produced by Enterprise-D replicators

Plankton loaf
Baked microscopic sealife, Keiko O'Brien's favorite breakfast food

Plomeek soup
A traditional Vulcan dish

Potato casserole
One of Miles O'Brien's favorite traditional Irish dishes

Purple omelets
A rather eclectic dish created by Clara Sutter that consists of grape juice and eggs

A very hardy and durable type of wheat, used in many foodstuffs

Sem'hal stew
One of the main food dishes served on Station Deep Space Nine

A tubular form of NaDI, designed to be taken orally

Tarvokian pound cake
A dessert favorite of Worf

Taspar egg
When boiled, it is considered a Cardassian delicacy, raw it is revolting

Thalian chocolate mousse
An exotic dessert made with chocolate beans that are aged 400 years!

Tribbles 'N' Bits
An extremely popular KIDC specialty that is often served at Klingon Diplomatic Receptions, created by the Chefs of House Kasara

Tube grubs
A Ferengi delicacy, worm-like, best eaten while still alive. Also available in a bottled and preserved minced variety.

A blueberry-like fruit found on Betazed

A food consisting of small worm-like animals

A traditional Romulan food

Yamok sauce
Cardassian condiment used to flavour Sem'hal stew



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