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Klingon Guilds

Over the years, the KIDC has established a number of Klingon-related Guilds in order to promote various interests within the Empire.


Klingon Imperial Costumers Guild

The Klingon Imperial Costumers Guild is dedicated to promoting the art of Klingon make-up, prosthetics, costume design and construction. This guild and it's members have collected the most comprehensive collection of data concerning Klingon costuming here on Terra.

The Costumers Guild is open to anyone with an interest in the various aspects of the art of Klingon costuming. The guild currently consists of an online community and mailing list that has it's own webpage, with such features as bookmarks, chat, message archive and extensive photo albums and galleries of member-contributed Klingon photos, illustrations, patterns and blueprints. This Guild currently has over 520 members and continues to grow everyday.


Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild

Strength Simplicity, Power and Danger - The fundamentals of the Klingon blade.

The Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild is dedicated to promoting the art of the Klingon edged weapon and it's construction. This site is the most comprehensive collection of data concerning the blades of the warrior on Terra.

The Guild is open to anyone with an interest in the crafting of edged weapons and is comprised of members who are serious about the construction of authentic weapons and dedicated to the ideals of the Klingon Warrior. Membership in the KIDC is not required, however interested applicants should write a letter of introduction to the Guildmaster, explaining their desire to join and any experience they may have. The message should be entitled "KIWG Membership Request". Upon approval, they will be granted access to the Guild's private mailing list.


Klingon Webmasters Guild

The Klingon Webmasters Guild, was established in 1999 by the KIDC, to serve as a central meeting place where the webmasters of Klingon websites can share tips, hints with each other through the use of a moderated mailing list and a list of links to helpful online web-design related resources.

We welcome Klingon webmasters of all affiliations, groups and clubs, and only ask that they remain friendly, supportive and helpful to each other with no bad-mouthing or politics. This guild currently has over 50 members and continues to grow.


The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps also lends support as a partner to a number of other Klingon-related Guilds. We would like to introduce them to our visitors and encourage you to check them out:

Klingon HomeWorld

Klingon Arts Guild

Klingon Feast Guild

Klingon Heralds Guild

Klingon Imperial Theatre Company

Klingon Komputer Repair Guild

Klingon Musicians Guild

Klingon Travellers (Imperial Travellers Aid)



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