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Klingon Resources

We've gathered together a variety of online resources that may be of interest to Klingons as well as general Star Trek fans. It's also worth checking out our "Klingon Commnet" area if you haven't already done so, for the many Klingon mailing lists, forums and online communities that await your participation.


Klin Zha - Klingon Chess

Considered a popular game in the Klingon Empire, it's rules are hard to come by here on earth. You'll be pleased to find out all there is to know about this fascinating game at the Authorized Klin Zha homepage. The online source for the playing, promotion and study of the Klingon board game of Klin Zha.

Klingon Linguistic Resources

If you are interested in studying the Klingon Language, we have assembled some handy resources that may aid you in your noble quest.


Free Software Library

A collection of handy software programs, from utilities to fonts and many Klingon and Star Trek related applications, in Mac, PC and PDA platforms. (In the process of being updated!)


Klingon-related Mailing Lists

A collection of Klingon-related mailing lists that are not directly administered or maintained by the KIDC, but should also prove of interest to Klingons.


Klingon & Star Trek Book Reviews

The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps is pleased to offer a selection of Star Trek book reviews for your reading pleasure. More reviews will be added as they become available.


Do a Google Search within the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps website:

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