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Klingon Language Resources

If you are interested in studying the Klingon Language, we have assembled an assortment of helpful linguistic resources that may aid you in your noble quest.


  • Klingon Language Discussions mailing list
    Established in 1999 by the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps, to serve as a meeting place for novice level students to discuss topics related to the Klingon language and it's usage. Questions and discussion are aimed primarily at the beginner's level, although we encourage more experienced speakers to share their expertise and knowledge with others. We welcome Klingons of all affiliations, groups and clubs to participate, and only ask that they remain friendly, supportive and helpful to each other with no bad-mouthing or politics. This list currently has 110 members.

  • Klingon Imperial Forums - Language Section
    Our popular new forums have a section dedicated entirely discussions about the Klingon language, both in English and tlhIngan Hol. You may also post requests for translations here for others to help you with.

  • Klingon Postal Course
    Created by Dave Barron and intended as a supplement to The Klingon Dictionary, the Postal Course introduces students to the vocabulary and grammar of tlhIngan Hol (Klingon language), building comprehension and familiarity as they progress through an eleven-lesson series. Also offered as a set of downloadable PDF files.

  • Klingon "Word of the Day" List
    This is a private annoucement-only mailing list overseen by d'Armond Speers, which offers a new Klingon word of the day, as well as some comments on it's usage, canon or not. You can subscribe to this list by sending a blank email to: kwotd-subscribe@yahoogroups.com There is also an archive of past words, that can be accessed via the list's site on Yahoo.

  • Klingon Language Certification Program
    Designed to recognize KLI members for their achievements in learning Klingon. The program defines four levels of certification, from Beginner (taghwI') to Grammarian (pab pIn). Certification is awarded based upon performance on written tests, administered by representatives of the KLI. Testing is available for free to all active KLI members. The goals of the KLCP are:
    1. Officially recognize members for their skills with the language
    2. Encourage members in their study of Klingon
    3. Define a graded program for learning Klingon
    4. Provide credentials for Linguistics Officers (HolpIn) for fan clubs
    5. Support the KLI by encouraging membership
    For more information regarding this program, please contact the Klingon Language Institute.

  • Klingon Language Prefix Chart Practice
    Another excellent resource by d'Armond Speers, where you can type in the prefixes, and get feedback on how well you did. You can also keep track of your progress over time.

  • tlhIngan Hol pojwI' is a word processing environment for the Klingonist. It provides a Klingon lexicon and thesaurus; a full-featured Klingon/English search utility (useful as a rhyming dictionary); Klingon morphology analysis (now much improved!); tlhIngan Hol spell checking; support for pIqaD ; language lessons, complete with tests; an integrated canon database utility; a Klingon chatterbot, for when there are no other Klingons around to talk to; and much more!

  • tlhIngan-Hol Mailing List
    This KLI email discussion forum has been the site of many healthy debates and interchanges. It is an excellent learning tool for students of all levels. There are always new students beginning, and even some more advanced speakers actually conversing entirely in Klingon, all interacting. Keep in mind that this list is quite heavy in traffic and is considered somewhat "strict" by some novices.


Do a Google Search within the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps website:

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