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Introduction to the Klingon CommNet

This is a new section dedicated to all forms of communication within the Klingon community. You will find numerous mailing lists, online gathering places and our popular Klingon public forum. There is also our Klingon Email and ICQ Directories and our Cyberlinks section, where you can add your own links to Klingon and Star Trek related websites. (Also see our other Klingon online communities listed in the Klingon Guilds section, as they have their own separate websites and mailing lists.)


We would like to extend a special invitation to visit our popular "Klingon Imperial Forums", where you can participate in numerous discussions of Klingon-related topics, ranging from language and culture, to weaponry, costuming and even Klingon chess.

If you would like to join the fun, feel free to drop by and have a look around, but you'll need to register (for free) if you'd like to post any messages.

Enter the Klingon Imperial Forums



Klingon Imperial Chatroom

A java-based chatroom for Klingon-related discussions. Regular chats have not yet been scheduled, but may do so if there is enough interest by users.


Klingon News Network (KNN)

The Klingon counterpart to Terra's CNN and Babylon 5's ISN, the Klingon News Network or KNN is dedicated to providing the latest news of interest to Klingon citizens, on both the Homeworld and around the universe.


KIDC Yahoo! Online Klingon Community

The KIDC maintains a very popular Klingon community on Yahoo, with over 200 registered participants. Discussions range from Klingon culture and customs to traditions and rituals, and other Trek related issues. Why not check out some of the latest discussions and make a few friends while you are at it?


Klingon Email Directory

Our Klingon Email Directory has unfortunately fallen out of date; largely due to the immense amount of work that goes into keeping all the email addresses active. We are investigating the possibility of a program that will enable Klingons to add their own data and keep it up to date. We ask your patience until we are able purchase the program and switch the system over. Thanks!


Klingon ICQ Directory

The KIDC Klingon ICQ Directory was created in 1997 and is now the largest of it's kind in the world. As a result the page does take a little while to load compared to most of our other pages. You'll also find instructions on how to apply to have your ICQ information included.


Klingon Cyberlinks

We have changed over to a more efficient method for listing and exchanging links with other Star Trek and Klingon-related websites. This newer system now allows visitors to post their own web links in a variety of related categories. Please follow and respect the instructions and requests posted within in order to list your website.


Klingon & Trek Gaming Mailing Lists

The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps has set-up numerous mailing lists for the discussion of Klingon-related topics. We encourage you to subscribe to one or more of these lists to keep informed of news within the Empire. We also have 10 lists dedicated to discussions concerning the various Star Trek computer games.


Klingon Virtual Post Office

The Internet's first centralized Klingon Virtual Post Office, which allows you to send your own greetings and postcards via our Klingon subspace network, and totally free of charge! You can even use your own graphics and music files to customize your greetings even more.


Do a Google Search within the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps website:

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Would you like to try a Google Search using a Klingon language interface?

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