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Due to a ever-increasing workload over the past year, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the multitude of links that I am constantly asked to add to the old Cyberspace Transporter. As a result, I've turned to a hopefully more efficient method that will allow visitors to add their own links in a variety of related categories.

There are a few rules of etiquette regarding the use of these Add-A-Link sections; if it is your website that you are listing, you must provide a return link to the front page of the KIDC website in a prominent area of your website. If it is a text link, it must read as "Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps" and link to our "front door" URL at If you wish, you may also choose to provide a graphic link to our site using one of our official KIDC banner graphics, which will be uploaded to this page in the near future.

All website links may have a brief but accurate description of the site and what type of information will be found there,or the type of group/club it represents. We would appreciate if you would also mention the geographic location of your group or website (province/ state/ country), as this is not always so obvious on everyone's site. All websites must not contain any rude or foul language or contain images or other content that offend common decency, as we do have many younger visitors. Any website not adhering to these rules risk permanent removal of their link.

KIDC Members Klingon-related websites 

 Add a link to a KIDC member's website 

Klingon club websites

Add a Klingon club listing

Klingon Houses and Family Lines

 Add a Klingon Family Line website
Klingon language websites

Add a Klingon language listing
Klingon simming organizations

Add a Klingon sim group
Other Klingon-related websites

Add any other Klingon websites
Klingon Honor Guard - websites & reviews

Add any KHG reviews or websites
Supporters of the Klingon Resistance Movement

Are you a KRM supporter? Add your site!
 Klingon events and conventions

List upcoming Klingon events or cons

 Star Trek websites

Add a non-Klingon Star Trek website
 Star Trek conventions

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 General SF-related websites

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 Montreal-area Fandom websites

Do you know of other Montreal fan sites?


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