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Klingon News Network (KNN)

The Klingon counterpart to Terra's CNN and Babylon 5's ISN, the Klingon News Network or KNN is dedicated to providing the latest Trek-related news of interest to Klingon citizens, on both the Homeworld and around the universe.

Klingon citizens and others interested in Klingon culture may also want to consider subscribing to one of the KIDC's many Klingon-related mailing lists in order to keep up with the latest in the Empire. For more details, check out our Klingon Mailing Lists section.

General Trek-related Headlines (courtesy TrekToday, will open in new window)

Stardate: 03.06.07


Klingon Fans to Meet Locally Face-to-Face on July 5th Worldwide
for the First International Klingon Meetup Day

Montreal, Canada (June 7, 2003) - In celebration of it's website's 7th anniversary on the Net, the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps today announced it has established a partnership with Meetup Inc. to help generate monthly face-to-face Klingon fan gatherings in hundreds of cities and towns around the world. Through http://klingon.meetup.com Klingon fans can now easily self-organize and meet face-to-face in local venues around the planet.

"Through the years we've continued to hear from Klingon fans who've had great difficulty in tracking down other local fans in their area. This service will be a new and exciting way for those Klingon fans to meet and connect in their own communities." says Capucine Plourde, founder and director of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps.

"This is also ground-breaking in that it is a non-partisan Klingon gathering, not biased towards any one particular Klingon club, group or organization, but rather can bring together anyone who has an interest in Klingon culture, society or language. The KIDC has actively encouraged participation in our many Klingon online groups, forums and mailing lists; but now Klingon fans will have a great opportunity to connect face-to-face on a monthly basis."

The first "International Klingon Meetup Day" is Saturday, July 5th at 2 p.m. local time around the globe, and will continue on the first Saturday of each month thereafter. To join the action, visit http://klingon.meetup.com


About Meetup
Meetup creates real world, face-to-face get-togethers on just about any topic or interest, just about anywhere at any time. Over 350,000 people have signed up for monthly Meetups in over 1,300 interests. Meetups happen at local cafes, restaurants, bookstores (and other places) in 568 cities across 35 countries. Meetup is based in New York City and is privately held. Online at http://www.meetup.com

About the KIDC
Founded in 1994, the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps is a Canadian-based not-for-profit educational organization, dedicated to promoting and preserving Klingon culture, society, language and traditions. In addition to it's award-winning website, the KIDC maintains numerous Klingon-related mailing lists and a popular and growing online discussion forum. Online at http://www.klingon.org

Stardate: 03.03.06

Third Anniversary of the passing of the late great Canadian-born actor, John Colicos on Monday March 6th, 2000. Colicos was best known by Klingon fans for his portrayal of Klingon Commander Kor in both ST: Classic and ST: DS9.

For more details, please visit the Official John Colicos Fan Club , where you are still encouraged to sign the memorial guestbook.

Stardate: 02.08.01

The KIDC officially launches it's "Klingon Imperial Forums" for general public access. Beta testing has proved extremely successful and new members are joining every day.

Stardate: 02.06.07

The KIDC website celebrates it's 6th anniversary on the internet; during which time it has continued to be a forerunner in innovation in Klingon online fandom. It has established numerous mailing lists, guilds and online communities, to the benefit of all Klingons, regardless of affiliations.

Stardate: 02.03.06

Second Anniversary of the passing of the great Canadian-born actor, John Colicos on Monday March 6th, 2000. For more details, please visit the Official John Colicos Fan Club , where you are still encouraged to sign the memorial guestbook.

Stardate: 01.06.07

It is with great pride that we announce the 5th anniversary of the KIDC website! It was on June 7th, 1996 that the site was first launched and only weeks later it was featured in Yahoo Magazine's "Top Ten Star Trek websites" which helped to establish it at the forefront of online fandom. We invite all KIDC members, as well as visitors and users to the site to register their comments on this joyous occasion in our Klingon Imperial Registry guestbook.

Stardate: 01.06.06

Today, June 6th, marks the birthday of the eldest member of the KIDC. Senior Diplomatic Advisor, Lord Ki'aanu Kasara, is marking an amazing 80 Terran years!

Stardate: 01.06.01

Actor Bill Campbell, who has portrayed both "Koloth" and "Trelane" in Star Trek, has suffered a mild stroke. He is currently recuperating in hospital, but is paralyzed on the left side. The hospiral has started therapy and is is sounding well.

Mr. Campbell has asked that fans do not send flowers or gifts, but rather that they use that money towards a donation to the "Motion Picture Fund". If you'd like more details on this honourable project; please take a moment to visit their website: <http://www.mptvfund.org>

Mr. Campbell did not say that we could not send him cards, so if you'd like to send get well wishes, here is the address:

Mr. Bill Campbell
c/o Motion Picture & Television Hospital
23388 Mulholland Dr.
Woodland Hills, CA.
USA 91364


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