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The House of K'YaRT'ash

House K'YaRT'ash is one of the older Major Family line in the Klingon Empire, dating back some 350 years. Always warriors, the line began as a closed line of 100% Imperial marines. Over the decades, the epetai saw the wisdom of opening the line to other Klingon races, thus strengthening the line as a whole.

The two mottos of the K'YaRT'ash line are "Service to the Empire In Any Form Necessary" and "Death with Honour". The K'YaRT'ash line has served the Empire in the marines, naval forces and in the diplomatic corps as well. Often sought out as soldiers, the line has distinguished itself through its mercenary nature when necessary to maintaining proper order in the Empire the closest terran equivalent would be in the form of Japanese Ninjas. Members of the line have often been 'acquired' to assassinate "pretenders to the throne" and challengers to sitting members of the High Council.

House K'YaRT'ash is an open extended family line with a composition of 30% Klingon/Human Fusion, 60% Imperial Klingon and 10% Klingon Romulan Fusion. The House Leader is currently Lord Chang Zantai K'YaRT'ash who is presently consorted to Ambassador Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps and hence House K'YaRT'ash is part of the Kasara Alliance.

Lord Chang can be contacted via the following coordinates:

House of K'YaRT'ash
c/o Allan K. Vezina
31 Hastings Drive, Unionville
Ontario, Canada L3R 4Y5


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