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The House of T'aw

The House of T'aw is a Minor Family Line of original fannish creation. T'aw protocol is one of casualness, fellowship, camaraderie and genuine respect for those who deserve it; from the Epetai himself to the most recent line member.

We also have an Order of Importance:

1) the Klingon Assault Group (KAG)
2) Your ship, the ship you serve on
3) Your charity and volunteer work, which you are probably doing in the name of your ship or KAG.

You can see how these things interlace and in actuality no one point is less important than the others. But make no mistake, we serve KAG and uphold the ideals it stands for.

KAG itself has three virtues it values: Honor, Duty and Discipline. A T'aw family member has two more, namely Maturity and Loyalty. It is alright to have a Klingon persona, but remember, that it is your Klingon persona. Your T'aw persona (if you want to develop one) should be one that is positive in attitude, creative in the ways that promote the ideals of KAG and your ship and benefits your community.

We are all Klingon warriors at heart, but a T'aw is a Klingon warrior with the goal of bettering the universe. As T'aw, you are a member of an extended family, there is no fighting or bickering among us. There is no room for hatred in a T'aw heart. It should be so filled with Honor, Duty, Discipline, Maturity and Loyalty that hatred could not seep in.

In the House of T'aw, helping an elderly couple shovel snow from their walk in the winter or mowing their lawn in the summer (without accepting compensation) is worth 500 costume contests. Holding the door open for the person behind you as you enter a store is more respectful than winning against the Fed's at "paintball". While in uniform, kneeling before a delighted child at a con and whispering to him to make sure he continues his studies in science and technology is more honorable than showing him how to use weapons and props. If you do not find these acts honorable or would not take pleasure in the honor they bring then the T'aw line would not be suitable for you - or you for us.

No T'aw is above another. I am the Head of House or Line Leader and equal to the newest linesmen, and he or she is equal to me. There is no specific headpiece design, no specific uniform style. These are not the things that make a T'aw, it is a willingness to help others. Lastly, whenever possible, avoid mixing your T'aw heritage with Klingon politics and militarism. KAG rank and position are what you are, T'aw is who you are. As T'aw, silently accomplish that which others can only dream.

House T'aw is lead by the Commander of the the KAG ship IKV Seeker, Kubera Sutai T'aw, who is presently consorted to the Ambassador Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara; House T'aw is part of the Kasara Alliance as a result.

He can be contacted:

House of T'aw
Anthony Kubera
PO Box 1754, Pahoa
Hawaii, USA 96778

QorChang T'aw holds the position of House Proctor and oversees the continental U.S.; he can be contacted via:

House of T'aw
Josh Morrison
180 Broad Street, Wadsworth
OH, USA 44281


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