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The House of G'Bcyn

The House of G'Bcyn is a Minor Family Line of original fannish creation.The G'Bcyn family line has always been one of innovators and trainers. Our oldest stories and earliest records tell us that our Family worked the land, and later, the ocean fields; and taught our people. We understand that "a hungry man does not learn"; so the production of our fields encouraged our successes in training others, and thus we built our reputation on Kronos.

To work our lands, often remote from civilization, we had to protect it ourselves. This led us to develop at least one martial art, as well as a couple of weapons. Subsequently, we can now count several heroes in House G'Bcyn among those who have fought and died for the Emperors. It is another tribute to our ancestors that a Form evolved from our martial arts which is still taught by some of our family today, and many others.

Our family line has always strongly believed that "Knowledge is Power" and so, often contrary to others, we strived to educate even the least, enabling all of us together to cause the Empire to grow stronger. Some of the family line have even become Advisors to the Emperors - to assist our leaders. Other family members became physicians to study how we could make ourselves stronger still, and to learn how to best defeat our enemies. Other individuals lent their ideas and skills to the production of the Fusion races, foreseeing the benefits that these could offer to all of us. There are a few among the Fusions that have honoured House G'Bcyn by taking our name and bringing their knowledge and skills to us - enabling us to learn from them as well. In everything we have attempted, we have sought to bring glory, not to ourselves,but rather to build a stronger Empire. Kai Komerex!

There is great symbolism in the G'Bcyn Family crest; the rising spiral around the Homeworld graphically represents every individual's life. Though many things in life are cyclical, our preceeding experiences affect the start of every recurring cycle's effect on us, therefore, we enter the new cycle at a higher perspective than the previous time. This should be our new aim. Wrapping the spiral around the Homeworld, overtop of the trefoil, reminds us that we are always Klingon. The starlit night sky reminds us of our home, our myths and stands as a goal for our dreams.


House Composition & Leadership

House G'Bcyn is an open, extended family line with a composition of 10% Klingon/Human and Romulan/Fusion and 90% Imperial Klingon. It currently has approximately a dozen members situated on Terra and is accepting new members. The House Leader is Mhax Vestai G'Bcyn; he can be reached at the following coordinates:

House of G'Bcyn
c/o Randal Gross
72 Brentwood Village
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 5Y1


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