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KIDC Software and Downloads Library

In view of the fact that our library is constantly growing, we've decided to divide it into several pages in order to speed up loading time and to better categorize the contents.

The majority of our system-related sofware are linked to outside sources. Although we do our best to make sure these stay up-to-date, the internet is a changeable medium and links do break occasionally as outside sites change - unfortunately this is out of our hands.

Please note that some packages are shareware and if you decide to keep such programs, you are expected to pay the author the shareware fee (usually listed in the "Read Me" file).


Macintosh Software (OS 7.x, 8.x. 9.x and OS X)


Sound Machine OS 7.x - SoundMachine is a sound file player for common audio formats such as mu-law, AIFF, and WAV. It has a simple interface and is well suited for working as a helper application for Web browsers, or as a standalone application.

Image Viewers

ImageViewer Classic & OS X - ImageViewer allows you to import and view common graphics formats, including GIF, PICT, and JPEG files. Also, you can perform simple editing tasks, such as cropping and rotating. It features QuickTime effects and help files.

Virus Protection

Disinfectant 3.7.1 OS 7.x- provides basic virus protection for your Macintosh. Disinfectant does not automatically scan floppies, but it does scan files upon launch and monitors your system for any unusual activity. You can also have Disinfectant manually scan floppy disks, if you choose. Disinfectant does not protect against Trojan Horse viruses. This version of Disinfectant now correctly scans for the MBDF B virus.

Compression / Decompression

StuffIt Lite 6.5.1 OS 8 - 9 and OSX - Includes the free version of StuffIt Expander along with the DropStuff, DropZip, and DropTar shareware utilities. Features include StuffIt Expander's free access to any file, download, or attachment; DropStuff, which can create self-expanding files for Mac and Windows; DropZip, which makes ZIP files for sending to Windows users; DropTar, for creating TAR archives with StuffIt, BZIP, GZIP, or Unix compression; and the ability to expand and install Palm files automatically.

Neat Fonts

Klinzhai Font (not currently available) Truetype font, representing the Klingon language's lettering

Other Goodies

Icons-are-in-the-bag Icons for personalizing your Mac desktop
StarDater A little application (12k) that displays the current Star Trek stardate
Starfleet Exam 3.1 This is a Star Trek trivia game which has over 1300 questions

Star Patrol 1.6 Classic trek-style game w/ strategy rather than arcade style skills (PowerPC)
Trek Cursor Turns your computer's arrow cursor into a Star Trek communicator pin


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