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Book Review: Star Trek #76: The First Frontier

Written by Diane Carey and Dr. James I. Kirkland
Pocket Books, $5.99US/ $7.99Can
379 pages

This rather immense novel includes several well worn Trek plot lines. Included are: a previously unknown device causes a catastrophic change in the universe, time travel, known Earth history in jeopardy and misuse of the Guardian of Forever.

Ms. Carey and Dr. Kirkland manage to blend what would, at first glance, to be a mish-mash of unrelated ideas into a spellbinding read. True to her other novels, Ms. Carey brings to life the character from the original series. They act, and react as we have known them to in the past.

The best part of this novel is the use of the race that the authors designed. In many ways this race brings to mind the race created by Robert J. Sawyer. The major difference between the two is, while Sawyer's managed to create and maintain an advanced society the one in this novel are in space only because they managed to steal the technology.

The other major factor that held me to this novel is the exquisite depiction of our planet during the age of the Dinosaurs. Through the story-telling abilities of the authors, you feel every shake of the ground as the king lizard marches by. You smell the exotic scents in the air from long extinct plant life any you smile at the antics of some of our world's early small lifeforms.

One other point, very much in this book's favour, is the depiction of the Klingons. They are shown to be not dissimilar to the ones we have come to know. The one we spend time with has the honour and courage that could best Gowron, but not K'empec.

This novel earns my full recommendation and a staggering 9/10 on the Makin Scale.


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