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The Klingon High Council

This is the ruling body of the Klingon Empire. It's members achieve their positions through perceived strength. The Council is made up of about two dozen members and meets in the Great Hall of the First City of Qo'noS (the Homeworld). The Council Leader is chosen through a ritual of strength and support (see rituals). It has been established in "Redemption, Parts I and II" (TNG) that a woman cannot be a member of the Council. This seems to be contradicted by the fact that Azetbur (Gorkon's daughter) became Council Leader at the Khitomer talks, but this instance was probably viewed as a necessity to carry on the peace talks with the Federation as smoothly as possible after Gorkon's murder.

Council Leader until 2367, he ruled over the Klingon High Council longer than anyone in history and maintained peace within the Council and the Klingon Empire. Was murdered dishonorably by Duras in an attempt to secure the Council for himself. K'mpec appointed Jean-Luc Picard as his Arbiter of Succession. (see rituals) His position was sought after by both Duras and Gowron. K'mpec was murdered without honour in 2367, apparently poisoned with Viridium Six by Duras in order to gain his position as leader of the High Council. K'mpec was succeeded by Gowron, a political newcomer.
(This role was portrayed by actor Charles Cooper who also portrayed the character of General Koord in Star Trek V.)

Son of Ja'rod (the discovered traitor of the Khitomer Massacre) Duras proposed the branding of Mogh (Worf's father) as the traitor of Khitomer in order to divert a civil war. When in reality it was to keep him from bearing the dishonor for his father's treachery. Duras twice attempted to kill rivals dishonorably. He used a bomb to unsuccessfully kill Gowron, but he succeeded in poisoning K'mpec. Duras also killed K'Ehleyr (Worf's mate) when she was about to discover Ja'rod's treason at Khitomer. Duras was killed under the "Right of Vengeance" by Worf for K'Ehleyr's murder.
(This role was portrayed by actor Patrick Massett.)

Son of M'Rel . Became Council Leader after K'mpec's death in 2367. There was little organized opposition after the death of Duras. A challenge was brought from Lursa and B'Etor (surviving members of the Duras family) in which they tried to place Toral (Duras's illegitimate son) in the position of Council Leader. This plunged the Empire into civil war in 2368. Gowron was victorious in part because he gained the support of Mogh's followers by restoring honor to Worf's family line. Gowron has continued to be a strong ruler of the Empire. He supported the establishment of a "ceremonial" Emperor when the monks of Boreth (see Klingon Clerics) produced a clone from the DNA of Kahless. This provided a "spiritual" leader that the Empire sorely needed.
(The role of Gowron was portrayed by Robert O'Reilly.)

Lursa and B'Etor
The Duras sisters. Since a woman cannot lead the Council, the sisters of Duras produced the illegitimate son of Duras, Toral, as a candidate for the Leadership of the Council. They had the secret backing of the Romulan Empire and plunged the Empire into civil war. They were defeated when Jean-Luc Picard discovered and turned back the Romulan supply fleet.
(The role of Lursa was portrayed by Barbara March. B'Etor was portrayed by Gwynyth Walsh.)

The illegitimate son of Duras. The Arbiter of Succession (Jean-Luc Picard) determined that Toral was not a fit candidate for the position because he had not distinguished himself in service to the empire.(See the Rite of Succession). Toral's life was declared forfeit because of his father and grandfather's treachery against the Empire and the House of Mogh. Worf declined to exercise his right to avenge his family's honor against Toral.
(This role was portrayed by actor J.D. Cullum.)


The Klingon High Command

This is the military leadership of the Klingon Empire.

Special Emissary of the Klingon High Command later found to be a Romulan operative. He tried to use his position to instigate distrust between Federation and Klingon governments following an attempted revolt on Krios in 2367.
(This role was portrayed by actor Larry Dobkin.)


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