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Klingon Civilians

Alexander Rozchenko
Son of Starfleet Lieutenant Worf and Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr, grandson to Mogh. Joined his father Worf on the Enterprise in 2367.
(This role was portrayed by actor Brian Bonsall.)

Child of a Klingon survivor of the Khitomer massacre of 2346 and a Romulan officer (Tokath) who was in charge of the Romulan prison camp where other survivors of Khitomer were taken. She and the others were discovered by Worf in 2369, but she elected to stay on the Planet of her birth.
(This role was portrayed by actress Jennifer Gatti.)

The younger of the two sisters of Duras. Joined with her sister Lursa in a plot to place Duras's illegitimate son Toral in the position of Leader of the High Council.
(This role was portrayed by actress Gwynyth Walsh.)

Survivor of the Khitomer massacre of 2346. She was taken to the prison planet of the Carraya System. While there, she married the Romulan Commander of the camp and had a child - Ba'el.

Klingon traitor responsible for the Khitomer massacre of 2346. The father of Duras and grandfather of Toral.

One of two "known" survivors of the Khitomer massacre of 2346. She and Worf were rescued by the crew of the U.S.S. Intrepid. She had been Worf's nursemaid. She was secretly returned to Qo'noS where she lived a life of seclusion to avoid any dishonor for being a survivor.
(This role was portrayed by actress Thelma Lee.)

Friend of Mogh. Raised Kurn as his own son after Mogh was killed on Khitomer. Revealed Kurn's true blood line at Kurn's Age of Ascension.

The older of the two sisters of Duras, her younger sister is B'Etor.
(The role of Lursa was portrayed by actress Barbara March.)

Child of Klingon warriors captured by the Romulans after the Khitomer massacre of 2346. When discovered by Worf, he elected to leave the prison planet and discover his true Klingon heritage.
(This role was portrayed by actor Sterling Macer.)

Illegitimate son of Duras. Attempted to contend for the position of High Council Leader after K'mpec's death, but was ruled non-qualified by Picard. See listing for Toral under the Klingon High Council.

Klingon operative who obtained the "secret" data of "Project Genesis" and delivered it to the Klingon government. Lover to Captain Kruge. She died an honourable death by the hand of her lover.
(This role was portrayed by actress Cathie Shirriff.) 


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