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Klingon Bureaucrats, Clerics, Lawyers & Scientists


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Klingon Bureaucrats

Minor bureaucrat serving the High Council under Gowron. Reluctantly secured the loan of a Bird of Prey for Picard's covert mission to Romulus in 2368.
(This role was portrayed by actor Erick Avari.)

Governor of Border space near Sector 2520. Was the investigator of the murder charges brought against Morag at Relay Station 47. Torak was later able to prove Morag's innocence, but allowed Morag to be taken into Federation custody for theft of encoded data from Relay Station 47.
(This role was portrayed by actor Wayne Grace.)

Governor of the Kriosian system. Successfully put down an uprising of the population of Kriosia in 2367. Governor Vagh became the target of an assassination attempt by Geordi La Forge, acting under Romulan control. The Romulans hoped that by having La Forge murder the governor, a rift would be formed in the Federation/Klingon Alliance.
(This role was portrayed by actor Ed Wiley.)

Klingon Clerics

High Cleric in charge of the Monastery at Boreth in 2369. Part of a plot to create a clone of Kahless and establish him as the "Emperor".
(This role was portrayed by actor Alan Oppenheimer.)

High Cleric who served at Boreth in 2369. Aided Koroth in the "Kahless" plot.
(This role was portrayed by actor Norman Snow.)

Klingon Lawyers

Lawyer who tried to prosecute Lt. Commander Worf for the supposed murder of numerous Klingon civilians in "Rules of Engagement" (This role was portrayed by actor Ron Canada.)

Colonel. Grandfather of Worf and father of Mogh. Unsuccessful legal defender of Kirk and McCoy for the murder of Chancellor Gorkon in 2293.
(This role was portrayed by actor Michael Dorn.)

Klingon Scientists

Exobiologist involved in a plot with the Romulans to steal computer files by smuggling them out in amino acid-like molecules that were injected into J'Ddan's bloodstream. His treachery enabled the Romulans to obtain the designs of the dilithium crystal articulation frame used by the Federation. J'Ddan was participating in the Officer Exchange program at the time of his espionage activities.
(This role was portrayed by actor Henry Woronicz.)

Medical Officer of the cruiser "Toh'Kaht". He was murdered by First Officer Hon'Tihl while under the influence of the "Saltah'na energy spheres".

Warp-field specialist. Viewed the testing of the new "metaphasic" shield system aboard the Enterprise in 2369.
(This role was portrayed by actress Tricia O'Neil.)  


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