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Top 10 Signs The Enterprise Has Picked Up A Bad Ambassador

10) Beams aboard with a bunch of crates saying "don't worry about food, I brought my own"

9) Casually asks for a lot of technical information and if by any chance they are going near the Neutral Zone

8) They become attracted to Troi

7) Keeps playing "pull my finger" with Data

6) Complains to Dr. Crusher about the poor quality of replicated blood

5) Spends a lot of time in the holodeck with Barclay's programs

4) Someone accidentally bumps into him and half the crew mysteriously slips into a coma

3) Asks Alexander if he's ever watched Gladiator movies

2) Inquires about Federation laws regarding paternity suits

1) When they zoom in the ambassador for more than 3 seconds in the opening


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