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The House of Kasara now has an official website, which has more complete information than is contained here. Please drop by:

House of Kasara - Official Website


The House of Kasara: an introduction

The origins of this family line date back approximately two centuries ago when it was a predominantly Imperial Klingon line. As a Major Family Line, House Kasara is a forerunner of innovation in the Klingon Empire; it actively promotes the superiority of females in many fields and encourages them to achieve highly. As such, there are many highly placed Kasaras in the Empire who are female.

House Leadership

The current Epetai of the line is Thought Admiral Kamla Epetai Kasara; a strong woman who is loyal to the Empire and dedicated to the cause of the Grand Alliance. The first female head of the House of Kasara, she is also one of the few female Admirals to be found in the Empire. This but emphasizes her skills in leadership and her power within the Komerex.

Admiral Kamla was recently granted a seat on the Klingon High Council, partly due to the growing influence of the Kasara Alliance; a network of major Klingon lines allied through consortships, adoptions and friendship pacts. Currently, the Kasara Alliance has connections with the following family lines: Baclar, Cheghjihtah, De'Hal, Dyzala, Decara, G'Bcyn, Jev, K'Hoska, K'YaRT'ash, Subaiesh and T'aw.

Also in a notable position is the heiress to the line, the Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara, oldest daughter to Admiral Kamla. Lady K'Zin currently holds the influential position as Klingon Ambassador to Terra and heads the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps mission located there. She is presently consorted to the Leaders of Houses Dyzala, Decara, Jev, K'YaRT'ash and T'aw amongst others, contributing to her high status.

House Composition

The House of Kasara is presently a matriarchal line and it is best not to insult or raise the ire of any high-ranked Kasara female; as all have graduated from the KaSMA with honours. The line seeks to embrace the ideals of the Grand Alliance and believes that all races and species have their own strengths and skills.

House Kasara is an open, extended family line with a composition of 35% Klingon/Human Fusion, 40% Imperial Klingon, 20% Klingon/Romulan Fusion and 5% Other (Human, Vulcan, etc.). The line is estimated to have between 30,000 to 35,000 members throughout the Empire with approximately 60+ members (as well as another 100+ Kasara Alliance "relatives") located on Terra. It welcomes new members, particularly females, who have intelligence, skill, strength, loyalty and are willing to bring honour to the line.

House Kasara has become a powerful line in the past century for many reasons, however, it is also well known for its two private schools; the Kasara School of Diplomacy and the Kasara School of Military Arts, and for its large Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet.


Kasara School of Diplomacy (KaSDi)

The skill of true diplomacy is a relative newcomer to the Klingon Empire and so far the task of training diplomats has fallen to the hands of the staff of the Kasara School of Diplomacy (KaSDi). Through a continuing series of visiting guest speakers, the KaSDi familiarizes its students with the cultures and customs of other worlds, as well as training them in a variety of languages. The KaSDi's track record is impressive, the majority of the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps has received some or all of its training at the School.


Kasara School of Military Arts (KaSMA)

The Kasara School of Military Arts or KaSMA, is the best in its field and has an overwhelming number of applications each year, and yet only one in a hundred are skilled enough to meet the minimum qualifications for entrance and only a small percentage of those ever make it to graduation. All the instructors are experienced veterans, each specializing in a different aspect of military theory, combat readiness, tactics and theory, martial arts and weapons training. Many of the students, after a series of "field stages", often go on to become instructors at other schools in the Empire. It is strongly rumoured that this School also serves to train the best assassins in the Klingon Empire.


Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet (KMMF)

The Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet (KMMF) has connections on many worlds and this has helped in many aspects; the KaSDi receives up-to-date reports on the political and social situations on various planets; more often than not, before word of anything reaches the ears of the Empire. The Kasara Merchant Marine Fleet has also helped the Kasara line to reach an independent status by accumulating extreme wealth, and accordingly, extreme power and influence both inside and outside the Klingon Empire.


House Kasara Press

House Kasara has explored the field of publishing with House Kasara Press. It operates on the belief that information and knowledge can prevent mistrust and misunderstanding both within and outside the boundaries of the Klingon Empire. It is presently working on a series of booklets aimed at demystifying Klingon culture, society and rituals to non-Klingons. (It's first publication, the KIDC Diplomatic Planetary Handbook was nominated in 1995 to the Canadian Aurora Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy.)


Contact Information

The Terran liaison is the Heiress to the line, Ambassador Lady K'Zin Epetai Kasara and she can be reached at the following subspace coordinates:

The House of Kasara
205 Vinet Avenue,
Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9S 2M5


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