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Audio Quotes From Commander Worf

DS9 Period


DS9 - Dominion War
Regarding the position of Chancellor: "A new day must dawn for our people. I am not the man to usher in that day" (wav file, 202kb)
As he passes the Cloak of Command to Martok "Hail Martok! Leader of the Empire! Leader of destiny" (zip file, 371kb)
Worf accepts the position of Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS (zip file, 670kb)

ST:VII "I am prepared" (wav file, 20kb)
ST:VII: "I still cannot locate the Captain." (wav file, 34kb)
ST:VII: "They have found a way to penetrate our shields." (wav file, 37kb)

ST:VIII: "... I believe you are allowing your personal experience with the Borg to influence your judgement" (wav file, 144kb)
ST:VIII: "...We must activate the auto-destruct sequence and use the escape pods to evacuate the ship" (wav file, 121kb)
ST:VIII: "Assimilate this!" (wav file, 28kb)
ST:VIII: "Assimilate this!" with phaser blast (wav file, 90kb)
ST:VIII: "Captain, they've adapted!" (wav file, 29kb)
ST:VIII: "I am a Klingon." (wav file, 16kb)
ST:VIII: "If you were any other man I would kill you where you stand." (wav file, 82kb)
ST:VIII: "Perhaps today is a good day to die..." (wav file, 41kb)
ST:VIII: "Prepare for ramming speed!" (wav file, 37kb)
ST:VIII: "The Borg have assimilated more than half the ship." (wav file, 45kb)
ST:VIII: "The Defiant?" Picard: "Adrift but salvageable" Riker: "Tough little ship" Worf: "Little?" (wav file, 113kb)
ST:VIII: "The moons gravitational field obscured our warp signature. The Vulcans did not detect us." (wav file, 85kb)
ST:VIII: "We have tried to restore power to the Bridge and the weapons systems but we have been unsuccessful." (wav file, 82kb)
ST:VIII: "We just lost contact with Deck 16. Communications. Internal sensors. Everything." (wav file, 85kb)
ST:VIII: "We must destroy the deflector dish before they can activate the beacon." (wav file, 60kb)

ST: IX: "...Roughly translated, puberty. Although for a Klingon that scarcely does it justice" (wav file, 265kb)
ST: IX: "Definitely feeling aggressive tendencies, Sir" (wav file, 39kb)
ST: IX: "...No Sir, it is a Gorche"... Data whispers: "Pimples"... (wav file, 268kb)


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