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Miscellaneous Klingon-related Quotes

Star Trek III

ST III: "Maltz. Activate beam!" Kirk imitating Klingon (wav file, 87kb)
ST III: Kirk: "You fool look around you. The planet's destroying itself" Kruge: "Yes. Exhilarating isn't it?" (wav file, 120kb)

Star Trek IV

ST IV: "Damage control is easy. Reading Klingon. That's hard" (wav file, 76kb)
ST IV: "I have replaced the Klingon foodpacks. They were giving me a sour stomach" Kirk: "Is that what it was?" (wav file, 123kb)
ST IV: Klingon Ambassador: "Behold the quintessential devil in these matters: James T.Kirk. renegade and terrorist" (wav file, 124kb)
ST IV: Klingon Ambassador: "Remember this well. There shall be no peace as long as Kirk lives" (wav file, 107kb)
ST IV: Klingon Ambassador: "Vulcans are well known as the intellectual puppets of this Federation" (wav file, 94kb)
ST IV: Klingon Ambassador: "We demand the extradition of Kirk. We demand justice" (wav file, 90kb)
ST IV: Klingon Ambassador: "We deny nothing" (wav file, 30kb)
ST IV: Klingon Ambassador: "We have the right to preserve our race" Sarek: "You have the right to commit murder?" (wav file, 87kb)
ST IV: Sarek: "Genesis... The Klingons shed the first blood while attempting to possess its secrets" (wav file, 251kb)

Star Trek V

ST V: Spock: "Klingon vessel now entering quadrant. Bird-of-Prey... one point nine hours 'til her weapons come to bear." (wav file, 114kb)
ST V: Spock: "Please Captain. Not in front of the Klingons." (wav file, 69kb)
ST V: Scotty: "Don't you worry Captain we'll beat those Klingon devils even if I have to get out and push..." (wav file, 147kb)

Star Trek VI

ST VI: "I never thought I'd be drinking with a Klingon" (wav file, 53kb)
ST VI: "... She did not shed one bloody tear" Spock: "... Klingons do not have tear ducts" (wav file, 292kb)
ST VI: "A Bird of Prey cannot fire when she's cloaked" Spock: "... This one can" (wav file, 162kb)
ST VI: "...Rura Penthe...the Alien's Graveyard..." (wav file, 171kb)
ST VI: Uhura has trouble with her Klingon (wav file, 161kb)
ST VI: Uhura tries to speak in Klingon (wav file, 154kb)


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