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Audio Quotes From Miscellaneous Klingon Characters

ST:TMP: Klingon Commander: "Evasive" in Klingon (wav file, 12kb)
ST:TMP: Klingon Commander: "Fire" in Klingon (wav file, 10kb)
ST:TMP: Klingon Commander: "Stand by torpedoes" in Klingon (wav file, 24kb)
ST:TMP: Klingon Commander: "Tactical!" in Klingon (wav file, 21kb)
ST:TMP: Klingon Commander: "Visual" in Klingon (wav file, 20kb)

ST2: Klingon Officer to Kruge: "A lucky shot Sir" in Klingon (wav file, 34kb)
ST2: Klingon Officer: "Engage cloaking device" in Klingon (wav file, 26kb)

ST5: General Korrd burping (wav file, 65kb)

ST6: Klingon Ambassador: "Captain Kirk was legally arrested for the crime..." (wav file, 206kb)
ST6: Klingon Ambassador: "Kirk and Dr.McCoy will stand trial for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon" (wav file, 76kb)
ST6: Klingon Ambassador: "The Chancellor of the High Council is dead" (wav file, 45kb)
ST6: Klingon Ambassador: "We expect the Federation to abide by ... interstellar law which you claim to cherish" (wav file, 89kb)
ST6: Klingon outpost guard: "Identify yourself. Over" (in Klingon) (wav file, 40kb)
ST6: Klingon outpost guard: "Mind the bugs!" (in Klingon) (wav file, 42kb)
ST6: Klingon outpost guard: "This is listening post Morska" (in Klingon) (wav file, 14kb)
ST6: Klingon outpost guard: "What is your destination? Over" (in Klingon) (wav file, 35KB)
ST6: Rura Penthe Governor: "This is the gulag Rura Penthe... On the surface nothing can survive..." (zip file, 474kb)


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