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KIDC System of Honourifics

The Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps uses as system of honorifics, which is slightly similar to the Terran use of titles (i.e.: Lord, Lady, Sir). As a newcomer to the Klingon Empire, one begins with no honorific. However, as one participates and contributes to the KIDC, you will eventually be granted your first honourific by the Ambassador herself. These honourifics are placed between the given name (first name) and the house name or family line (last name), there is no hyphenation.

The honorifics are in ascending order of importance:


This system is based on references found within John Ford's novel The Final Reflection, which is an excellent book that gives tremendous insight into Klingon culture. Within the KIDC, these terms are always used in a capitalized format; other Klingon groups generally use them in all lower-case letters. Different groups have different criteria upon which honorifics are awarded and these may not be the same from club to club; however, it is generally wise to give respect to anyone who has achieved an honourific of Vestai or above as they have undoubtedly proved themselves in some manner to be worthy of respect.

Within the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps, the use of honourifics is awarded strictly for service "above and beyond" the regular call of duty and responsibility to a specific position or title. In other words, if a Klingon has participated in a minimal manner and has not shown exemplary initiative or leadership ability, they may be able to rise in rank to a certain rank, however, they will not have earned themself an honourific.

Our intent in establishing such a strict system (compared to other clubs where specific honourifics are matched with specific ranks or as a stepping stone between ranks) was to make the awarding of an honourific a matter of pride; to show that an individual has made an extreme effort to foster and promote the ideals of the KIDC. Such an individual would indeed be worthy of the acknowledment and respect of other Klingons, both those within the KIDC and those elsewhere in the Empire.

To illustrate the process a bit more clearly, we will give you the sample history of an imaginary Klingon who joins the KIDC. For example, when this Klingon (over the age of 20) joins the KIDC, he would first be known as:

Sergeant Worf Kasara

After attending participating in a number of local events and communicating with other members via e-mail, or recruiting a few new members to the KIDC, this member might be worthy of promotion to:

Staff Officer Worf Kasara

Staff Officer Kasara has now been active in the recruiting and promotional aspects of the KIDC and has probably started to put together a basic Klingon outfit. Staff Officer Worf Kasara has also begun to participate in our online Klingon communities, forums and mailing lists or to contribute articles, reports to Klingon Subspace Transmissions our official online newsletter. After checking within his department Head or other superior, he has begun to research into the development of a promotional or fund-raising event for the KIDC (example: car wash). After much research, preparation and organization; Staff Officer Worf manages to pull off the event in a very successful manner, benefitting both his image and that of the KIDC's. As a result he might be awarded the honorific of:

Staff Officer Worf Tai Kasara

During the next couple of months, Worf is very active in attending local and regional conventions and has helped to staff the KIDC display tables at these cons on a regular and reliable manner. He has learned how to deal with the local media in a respectful manner that does not promote mockery by the press. He has continued to add to his Klingon costume as his time and budget allows and wears it whenever it might contribute to the positive image of the KIDC at related events (example: display tables at conventions, costume competitions or masquerades). His dedicated efforst will undoubtedly earn him a promotion to the rank of:

2nd Lieutenant Worf Tai Kasara

Worf has made a number of new contacts within the Klingon Empire and as a result has agreed to enter into consortship with a female member of the House of Subaiesh. His new designation would become:

2nd Lieutenant Worf Tai Kasara-Subaiesh

Over the next year, Worf continues to contribute his efforts to various KIDC activities and events, showing a growing sense of accountibility and leadership ability. He shows initiative and can handle the special duties that are assigned to him by his department Head in a responsible manner; as a result he is then promoted to the rank of:

Lieutenant Worf Tai Kasara-Subaiesh

and so on, and so on....


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