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We are establishing a public moderated mailing list for the discussion of plans relating to memorial tributes and activities that are planned throughout the world to commemorate this great actor. If you are involved in such a memorial tribute, or would like to be informed of any that are taking place, we encourage you to subscribe to the list.

The Official John Colicos Fan Club is hoping to establish a worldwide memorial tribute to John Colicos in conjunction with the Motion Picture and Television Fund. We would like to raise funds to build some sort of memorial on the grounds, whether it be a garden, a health program in his name or even a retirement villa, possibly to be named "The House of Kor".

If you would like to help out with any or all of these projects, please consider subscribing and sharing your ideas and efforts into making such plans a reality. It would be a fitting tribute to a great man and actor who made such a lasting impression on our lives.

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