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Author Topic: House Kpel  (Read 5763 times)
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The House of Kpel

The House of Kpel began when the sun rose over Qo’nos for the first time. It all started with a farmer named Torn, on the shores of Shovo-core. Torn was an average farmer in Shovo-core. He had lost his wife in the great plague three years earlier. Himself left to raise his two daughters. When Khaless came to Shovo-core to recruit an army, Torn was the first one to sign up. Khaless met with him and asked him if he would be loyal. Torn responded, “my family will serve the empire as long as it shall endure.” Khaless Promoted Torn to a general and said that he would fight alongside Khaless in many battles. In response to this great honor, Torn offered him one of his daughters as a mate. Khaless chose the youngest girl Lanur. They mated and had a son. Khaless named him Kor. In Kor’s childhood, Khaless would visit after every battle. As a teenager, Kor hardly saw his father. He was told that he was too busy, but Lunar knew that Khaless had mated with his true mate, which had been killed by Khaless’s enemy and was keeping them hidden.  When Kor became an adult, Khaless gave him a great command. Kor was promoted to general and commanded the first army. His aunt K’Ehleyr was matted to the House of Buktur, as an alliance between the houses. Then all of this peace and tranquility ended. Khaless had died and a civil war rang out in the empire. Kor took command of the entire Imperial army. Kor fought in great battles that were made into songs. In the end though, the civilian population defeated Kor. Kor was locked up in a jail cell. The house of Buktur became one of the leading houses on the new High Council. Kor’s cousin, Klimta, pulled a few strings and got him freed. She also arranged for him to be the personal assistant to the leader of the High Council. Kor mated with the leader’s sister and had three sons. None of them ever made it to the leadership of the High Council, but they did serve as members on it. 

Then there was a dark period in the house. Many people ruled the house and it came into great glory, but nothing remarkable until Kor’s great, great, great grandson Tral came into power. Tral found out the family was losing money by the minute. Tral made a decision that would change the Klingon Empire forever. Tral found the people in his family that were spending the most money on useless things and sold them into slavery. This was the first time that any Klingon had been sold for profit. This idea spread rapidly. Klingons were selling each other left and right. In some cases, Klingons couldn’t figure out if they were slaves or free men. Tral’s son Magna was the commander of the first Klingon ship ever to meet the Federation. In the wars to follow, Magna and his house fought hard to destroy the Federation, but found that they were strong warriors on the inside.

 As the Empire expanded, so did the House’s power. The House served every leader that came to power. They made strong alliances with other powerful families. The house grew. The family leader Krinta was the special advisor to Chancellor Gorkon and later to his daughter, Chancellor Azetbur.
The House slowed down for two hundred years until the time came for action. During this period of two hundred years the House Kpel married into a House that servied the empire as diplomats. It was from this union that House Kpel found out a hundred years later that their line had 2% human in them. When they started tracing it back, they found out that the nephew of Jame Tiberus Kirk was the cause of this 2%. 

During the Klingon Civil War, the House of Kpel fought with Gowron and helped him defeat the House of Duras. When Khaless returned, the house pledged their undying service to him. He named the House of Kpel his personal guards. The house was asked to command the left flank of the invasion to take Cardassia back during the Dominion Wars. If the lead ship were destroyed, then they would be in command. None of the family’s ships were destroyed in the battle to take Cardassia back from the Dominion. In this new time of war, the House of Kpel pledges to serve the Emperor and Chancellor Martak with all their families assets and ships. They have vowed to serve the Empire and keep it safe from internal and external dangers. In the past they have saved the Empire numerous times. And they will continue until the day the sunsets over Qo’nos never to rise again.
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