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Author Topic: retirement  (Read 4795 times)
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« on: 05 14, 2005, 03:06: AM »

we have seen many old warriors in many episodes. So (again it may be established) But does there come a time when a warrior reaches a time when he knows that (either he reached a point in his life when he no longer has the strength for battle, or reached a time when he has served so long that he is relieved from battle ? commitments and can pursue other interests)
Why I ask is that Koran, is the father of OKTAH and KURG. I would prefer that he has not died in battle, but had reached a point where is honor is proven, or he is awarded (the order of Kahless or the order of the empire) which garrantees him (in the eyes of the empire and their beliefs) passage into stovokor.(if you get my drift)
I am trying to develop the charaters and their way of life.

I feel it would be interesting to allow the father son's relationship to develop and pull away just a little from the " my father died in battle".
Obviously there is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to explore other options in the charater's lives.
That klingons are an advanced race, based on battle with honor and the celebration of honor and service, instead of, there's and old klingon lets kill him. you know, a bit more depth.
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« Reply #1 on: 05 14, 2005, 05:58: PM »

Well... Fiction/Role-play is what it is, So ANYTHING could be Possible... However We Have Established Sources Such as TNG, and to a Larger Degree DS9, Which Have Shown us that Being A Klingon Who Dies in Bed of Old Age is NOT as Attractive to a Warrior as to Die While In Their Prime...

BUT... Not all Klingons are Military, there are Civilians, And We Have Seen Older Klingons in Positions of Esteem (Such as Polititcians, And Ambassadors), Who were obviously Older... (Worf in All Good THings, as a Minor Governor, etc...)

We Have also Seen Older Klingons "lose" their Standing in a Chain Of Command, through Having a Younger Stronger Warrior Move in for the "Kill"...

Yet I think it terribly Important to Keep in Mind, that Klingons do have personalities, and ones Usefullness to Society as a Whole is NOT only Measured in Physical Strength but also in Political Power, Strength of Will, Productivity Etc... So it seems At Least Feasible, that A well Liked, and Socially Connected Individual might have Distinction within the Empire, even if their Days Of Challangeing Every Young Buck that Prances by them are Historical Notes Only...

Then again if Your Question Is actually "When Does Your Honor Point Total Max out"... The Answer would Be Never, Ones Honor is Always a Matter of Reflection on What a Klingon Does Today, Not What He Or She Did Yesterday... This Having been Said, it should be Considered that Honor Is Not Only Gained by the Glory of Victory in Combat, but by The Strength of a Klingons Heart and Their own Integrity...

Archbishop Nej vIt SutaI-H'Nter,
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