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Author Topic: House BaQ  (Read 5546 times)
EnkiDu BaQ
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« on: 07 13, 2004, 08:43: AM »

House BaQ is open for membership.  contact Captain Enkidu-sutai-BaQ Line leader at wandering_child2000@yahoo.com.  
Kor BaQ
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« Reply #1 on: 01 29, 2009, 06:58: PM »

House BaQ    History and lineage.

Mup'wI' BaQ
In the year 868 a leader of the Warrior's of the  DayquS  land west of what is now the First city after uniting the villages and clans of this area took the name BaQ as was his right under old law. He had a very special talent of weapons and training. His name was Mup'wI'  The Hammer. A wise and fearsome Warrior. He lead his people to camp eDronH to fight with Kahless and his armies against the armies of Molar. Fighting bravely he won himself a position as Military advisor in Kahless's government after the war. He died at his post at the start of the war of Insults in 947.
947-950  House struggle for power
950-1022 ghintaQ  BaQ
Youngest son of Mup'wI'  Started family business of finest weapons and metalworking. When Karsid invasion of Qo'nos happened he was promoted to General 3rd army. Died in the major battle that turned the tide of the war.
1022- 1100  Qor BaQ
Son of ghintaQ took over his father's position and helped push Karsid's off home world. When jorgh Qu'noH died in the battle Qor became supreme {la'quv} Commander of Armies. Pushed the military to learn to use Karsid ships and technology. Died at his post.
1100 -1175  Lea'mae BaQ
 She made house strong in weapons and training became main supplier for the Imperial Klingon Defense Forces and Special Forces. Reported to have spies in every House. Could out deal any Ferrangi but was always honest. Was Killed by a member of House Dracla'
1175-1195 House struggle for power no records
1196-1255 largh BaQ
Direct descendent of Mup'wI claimed house BaQ and purged all traitors from house

1255-1333  Qangh BaQ
Son of largh became leader of Special Forces under Supreme Commander of the Armies to'maH Qu'noH. Died at the battle of MT. yoj helping House Qu'noH destroy house Dracla' ending the war of insults and divided all lands and holdings with House Qu'noH. Mated with lyda Qu'noH bring both houses closer and stronger.  Had 3 sons Qang, Maq, and Sol.
1334-1404 Maq BaQ
Strong house leader brought house much honor through weapons and early space ship weapons designs. Trained first Warrior's to go into space.
1405-1407 Sol BaQ  1410- 1432 Qang
Was General of 4th Army when he was assassinated by a member of House Da'chess a powerful house with a member on the Council. House Qu'noH came to aid and it started the Lowland House war that lasted 3 years with House BaQ winning and getting the seat on the Council which Qang took and held for 22 years.
1433-1512 Mup'wI' BaQ
Strong House leader at 2 years passed ascension took over house and purged all traitors brought house to 4th planet in system and became governor of the first planet to be conquered by the Empire.
1513-1600  Qor BaQ
Expanded families power and influence by building the best weapons and ships the Empire has ever known. Trained the First Klingon Marines for Klingon ships.
1601-1675 Hang BaQ
Council member that helped push the Empire to expand it's borders and bring many races under the Klingon banner
1676-1777  Mogh BaQ
Noted statesman and Warrior became Chancellor with the death Ha'to Expanded the borders of the Empire greatly and with it much Honor and wealth to its people's.
1778-1801 'elt  BaQ
General of the 3rd army died in battle on Merek 3 conquering a new world.
1802-1822 Struggle for power house split in 2.
1822-1850 ghintaQ BaQ
Takes power brings house back together with help from House Qu'noH ghintaQ kills all rivals at meeting. Go's on to return the favor by helping poH Qu'noH squash an uprising on the 4th planet in 1836-37 then has seat on Council from 1840 till his death in 1850.
1851-1944  Sley' BaQ
Moved shipyards and weapons manufacturing to Praxis moon  held seat on Council for last 6 years of his life.
1945-2067 QanH BaQ
Expanded business and House holdings buy taking 2 smaller houses into House BaQ  House Torgh and House Rang
2068-2142  Lor BaQ
Moved House to bolar'tu' a gift from house Qu'noH for building them great ships. Kept other shipyards on Praxis but moved bulk of operations to new home. Was Commanding General of 3rd Fleet in Imperial Klingon Defense Forces.
2143-2244  Morq  BaQ
Strong House leader was Killed on Praxis when they tried to tap the moons core for more power and crystals.
2245- 2350  la'quv BaQ
Strong house leader brought back House power and went on to be Council member from 2330 -2349
2351-2399 'aj  and my Brother, BaQ
Ruled House BaQ with an velvet gloved Iron fist! Council member under Kim'peq then supported Gowron and kept his seat through force. Was the longest ruling member of the Council during those years and Controlled the military.
2400- Enkid'u' BaQ
Brought house back together after the Dominion War that took many of the House's Warriors. Strong leader that sits on the Council representing the Planets of the Homeworld's star system and surrounding 3 systems. Leading candidate to be next Chancellor has the Emperor Kahless's ear in most matters of state. Has repelled 3 attacks on her House with deadly consequences to those foolish enough to try.

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