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Author Topic: Grammatical Help  (Read 1736 times)
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« on: 10 01, 2014, 01:44: AM »

I had a couple questions about Klingon and decided instead of making multiple different questions, that I’d just put them into one.

1. Let’s say in English we said “The man’s arm”. Is there anything in Klingon like the <’s> at the end of man in English?

2. Is there a Klingon equivalent to the English word “with”, in the context of “I cut the meat with a knife” (I’ve thought about this one a little bit and am wondering if the noun suffix mo’ could suffice if we could say “I caused the meat to be cut due to a knife” or something alone those lines).

3. I’m confused with adjectives. I’ve read that they can’t be next to a noun in one place, then they can in another. Could someone please tell me where you can have an adjective.
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« Reply #1 on: 10 01, 2014, 02:15: AM »

1. Not exactly; the genitive is expressed by putting the "owned thing" after the "owner".

loD = man; DeS = arm;

loD DeS = the/a man's arm*
loD DeSDu' = a/the man's arms**
loDvam DeSDu' = this man's arms
loDvetlh DeSDu' = that man's arm


Another example: The bat'leth of Kahless, or Kahless' bat'leth, is called qeylIS betleH

The son of Mogh, or Mogh's son, is called mogh puqloD

The husband of Grilka, or Grilka's husband, is called ghIrIlqa' loDnal.

*Note that most Klingon nouns are neutral with regard to number, so loD could mean either "man" or "men", and DeS could mean either "arm" or "arms". So, loD DeS could mean "man's arm", "man's arms", "men's arm" or "men's arms".

**However, when a plural suffix such as -Du' is used, the noun becomes explicitly plural.
So, loD DeSDu' can mean "man's arms" or "men's arms", but not "man's arm" or "men's arm".

2. Nope. I usually use the purpose suffix, -meH:

Ha'DIbaH vIpe'meH taj vIlo'.
"I use the knife to cut the meat."

loDpu' HughDu' vISIjmeH taj vIlo'.
"I use the knife to slit men's throats."

3. There aren't really adjectives in Klingon. Instead, certain verbs are used, and placed after the noun they are modifying.

'IH = be beautiful
moH = be ugly

'IH SajlIj = your pet is beautifull
SajlIj 'IH = your beautiful pet

moH SajlIj = your pet is ugly
SajlIj moH = your ugly pet

'IH loD DeSDu' = the man's arms are beautiful
loD 'IH DeSDu' = the beautiful man's arms
loD DeSDu' 'IH = the man's beautiful arms

loD moH DeSDu' 'IH = the ugly man's beautiful arms
loD 'IH DeSDu' moH = the beautiful man's ugly arms

There's no 100% rule for telling whether or not a verb can be used as an adjective, but usually they are verbs are glossed as "be (adjective)" (for example, Qup = "be young", mIgh = "be evil", quv = "be honored", yoH = "be brave")).

You can also use -bogh:

'IHbogh loD = the man who is beautiful
moHbogh loD = the man who is ugly

mIghbogh voDleH quv = the honored emperor who is evil
quvbogh voDleH mIgh = the evil emperor who is honored

Qupbogh be' 'ej yoHbogh = the woman who is young and brave
yoHbogh be' 'ej Qupbogh = the woman who is brave and young

quv Qupbogh SuvwI' moH 'ej yoHbogh.
"The ugly warrior who is young and brave is honored."
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