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Author Topic: What does Klingon Consortship involve?  (Read 12187 times)
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« on: 10 09, 2003, 05:58: AM »

posted on 1-28-2003 at 09:43 PM

What does it involve?

Can anyone tell me how you would go about it?
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Always trust your instincts!

« Reply #1 on: 10 09, 2003, 06:04: AM »

posted on 1-29-2003 at 09:24 AM

Klingon Consortships - common variations...

Ahh, a subject upon which I can truly call myself an expert - having at last count, just shy of twenty official Klingon consorts... Cheesy

Here they are, in order they were acquired:
1) Admiral K'Tan Zantai Dyzala-Kasara, former Head of KAG/Kanada
2) Lord Chang Zantai K'YaRT'ash-Kasara, Retired Admiral of KAG/Kanada
3) Lt. Cmdr. K'Ull Tai Jev-Kasara, KAG/Kanada
4) Kubera Sutai T'aw-Kasara, Commander of IKV Seeker, KAG/USA
5) Major Meq-Tor Vestai Decara-Kasara
6) James Doohan, K'Scotty Doohan Kasara
7) George Takei, Captain Hikaru K'Sulu Kasara
Cool The late Mark Lenard, Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan - Kasara
9) Geraint Wyn Davies, K'Night 'IwHo' tlhutlhwI' (Bloodtooth Drinker) Kasara (Nick Knight - "Forever Knight")
10) Mark Ryan, K'Ryan Nasir Kasara, Actor - Nasir from the BBC's "Robin of Sherwood"
11) Clive Mantle, K'Live (Little John) Kasara, Actor - Little John from the BBC's "Robin of Sherwood"
12) Christopher Lambert, Connor McLeod - Kasara (Connor McLeod from the Highlander films)
13) Nigel Bennett, joHIw' (Blood Lord) Kasara , Actor - Vampire Lacroix from "Forever Knight", Lexx
14) Forrest J. Ackerman, "Father of Science Fiction and Costuming"
15) Arne Starr, DC Comics Inker for ST: TNG comic book
16) The late John Colicos, Commander Kor, the original Klingon from Star Trek Original Series
17) Jerry Doyle, Security Chief Garibaldi from Babylon 5
18) Lord HetaQ Sutai DoqwI'-Kasara, Klingon Weapons Master (Author of the famous "Secret Fighting Arts" book, Chet Braun)
19) John Rhys-Davies, (Actor, Indiana Jones, Sliders, Gimli - Lord of the Rings)

Here is a write up I assembled several years back for the KIDC website regarding Klingon consortship:

Klingons do not have husbands or wives in the Human sense. Klingons use these terms only for the purpose of communication when dealing with another race. What Klingons do is enter into a mutual arrangement known as "consortship", which can be formed by either gender at any time. Klingon consortship is something more than a betrothal and less than a marriage, with deliberate business tones.

If consorthip status is acknowledged, each can expect certain advantages from the arrangement. Both parties commonly enter into a formal pledge of mutual security, in which each commits themselves to the defense of the other against any and all enemies.

Curiously enough, there is no mandatory, or even minimal, length of time required for a consortship. Consortship is based on the mutual trust between the two parties, a rare commodity in the Empire, and one that few Klingons experience in any other relationships in their lifetime. These conditions for "matrimony" may seem mercenary, yet they are perfectly in keeping with Klingon psychology.

Consortships of Klingons from different Houses may initiate or even resolve long-standing conflicts between two Family Lines. In some cases, strong family alliances have been formed based on consortship arrangements between powerful family members.

In Klingon society, there is no stricture against having more than one consort. The only practical limitation is the number of competitors a consort will tolerate before disagreements arise or blood is spilled. The posession of more than one officially recognized consort is a measure of personal power and influence among those few willing to accept the risks involved.

Multiple consorts are usually a measure of high status and are generally reserved for a Head of a major House or those with high military or diplomatic ranking, or possibly those with a seat on the High Council. Most average Klingons would rarely have more than one officially recognized consort; although having a lover "on the side" is not considered the same, but might be tolerated by the consort, particularly if the consortship was more of a political or business arrangement. (For those interested, further research into Terran history would reveal similar arrangements made in many marriages in medieval Europe amongst powerful families, the nobility and royalty.)

For those Klingons who do have more than one consort, the title of "First Consort" or "First Mate" is usually reserved for special relationships based on true emotional attachement. These pairings are often life-long relationships for both the male and female Klingon and are more likely to result in offspring.

All consortship arrangements should be reported ahead of time to one's Head of House as well as to the Family Line Registrar or Proctor, particularly if the arrangement involves an opposing or enemy House.

Divorce among Klingons is generally a very simple affair. When a Klingon female wishes to divorce her consort, she simply says: "N'Gos tlhogh cha!" which translates as " Our marriage is done!". Regional variations occur, however this is usually followed up by the Klingon woman belting him, usually in the mouth, and then spitting on him. (An example of this can be seen when Grilka divorces the Ferengi Quark in "House of Quark", DS9.)

I have personally made strategic use of consortship between select Klingon family lines in order to consolidate power, as in our Kasara Family Alliance. It has helped to join a number of houses into a much more powerful entity, which commands respect and holds a higher status in the Empire, than each house could hold on their own...

It has also helped to raise my own "status" within the Empire, as very few Klingons are willing to risk juggling more than one consort at a time. It takes a strong Klingon to balance the responsibilities to each one.

Within fandom, a powerful Klingon female can often cement consortships with notable celebrities, if she knows what she is doing. Judicious use of one's "nech" can be used to good advantage at these times. For males, it can be significantly more difficult to collect celebrity consorts...

In some cases, there is a genuine form of reciprocity -- as in the case with George Takei, aka Hikaru K'Sulu-Kasara. Whenever he comes to the Montreal area, such as for book signings or for film work, the House of Kasara provides him with several bodyguards, in particular, the Ambassador's own "Klingon dams with Attitude" otherwise known as the "KBA". The addition of these elegantly costumed Klingon females often add a touch of class to what can often be a boring public book signing. In addition, I usually arrange to have a selection of hot teas at my consort's disposal during his signings, since he does so much talking to his fans, and his throat can get dry and rough. I even have a special dragon teapot and covered dragon teamug for his use during such events... (BTW, his favorite is Earl Grey tea -- and as he put it, he's been enjoying it waaaay before Picard ever did!) In return, he makes sure to spend time with the bodyguards and will autograph anything for them and will pose for pictures and such. This is a particularly excellent "real-life" Klingon consort relationship!

Also, if the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps is hosting a diplomatic reception at a particular convention where one of the Ambassador's consorts is in attendance, they usually make a strong point to spend time at our reception. The fact that they are treated as VIPs, and yet like "real people" and not hounded by autograph-seekers and the more fanatical of fans while they are there, make it a welcome respite from the usual con craziness for them. Of course, being offered Premium Imported Saurian Brandy from the Ambassador's own private reserves has *never* hurt either! :lol: They often go home with a small bottle of Saurian Brandy and other Klingon tokens and gifts, in commemoration of the consortship, along with an official certificate, signed by both parties concerned.

The KIDC has a big book that we lug along to conventions, our Klingon Imperial Registry that documents our travels, by having guests to our diplomatic receptions sign in. It also features many photos from our more famous events (masquerade wins, etc.) and also has signatures from the Ambassador's consorts, as well as other celebrities. There is also a number of consortship certificates and photos as proof.

Many of my consortships have been memorable in themselves -- such as visiting the movie set of "Highlander 3" in order to claim Christopher Lambert as a consort, and being able to reach under his sweater (and feel his bare chest... Wink ) in order to pin him with our "Star of Merit"... ohhh, now that's a memory to be treasured!

Or convincing James Doohan to become my Klingon consort in front of an audience of almost 2000 people at a Toronto Trek con, with the help of Qeldas from California. As one of the audience yelled out "Geez, Kirk never got two!" -- that definitely helped! Later on, K'Scotty and I chatted in the bar and discovered we had much in common, having both worked in Canadian radio broadcasting, and having connections to the Canadian Air Force. Best of all, was having my very first "Beam Me Up Scotty" drink bought for me by none other than "Scotty" himself...

I'll save some of my other consortship stories for another time, and maybe I can dig up some of the photos as well... Hope this has helped give you a better insight into both the formal Klingon consortships, as well as the more fannish variety.

~ Ambassador Lady K'Zin

Klingon Imperial Forums, KIDC
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« Reply #2 on: 02 29, 2004, 05:38: PM »

"The memory of you sings in my blood."
"bomDI 'IwwIj qaqaw."

This is a line excerpted from a Klingon poem. Poetry plays a prominent role in Klingon mating behavior. The female typically roars, throws heavy objects, and claws at her partner. The male reads love poetry and, as Wolf put it, "ducks a lot." This particular line is interesting because it reinforces the importance of song as a memory-triggering device. The literal, though less poetic, translation of the line is "When my blood sings, I remember you." Presumably the blood's song concerns the beloved individual.

Klingon songs play a major role in the Klingon culture, for it is through song that much of the history -both political and personal- is preserved. In the Klingon culture, important occasions are membered in song.

"Great deeds, great songs."
"ta'may Dun, bommey Dun."

Commander I.K.V. T'Pauk
A K'Vort class Bird of Prey
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