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Author Topic: A general greeting  (Read 1675 times)

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« on: 02 08, 2011, 01:27: AM »

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if I don't greet you in proper Klingon. I'm an old Trekkie from waaay back and have time now so I thought I'd see what was going on. Although I was also interested if there are any warriors knowledgeable in the in the Klingon martial arts. So, again, hi there from the frozen cheese state.



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« Reply #1 on: 03 09, 2011, 11:47: PM »

[This is a repost. I donít know what happened to the original. I suspect it may not have arrived at the Embassyís servers due to either DNS misbehavious or router issues on my end that have yet to be resolved. According to the Moderatorsí Log, no one has deleted anything fron this thread.

[Let this serve as a cautionary tale and give me the opportunity to share the advice I so love to impart (as well as my personal favorite: the kind no one asked for): When you post, make a back-up copy by copying-and-pasting your post to some sort of word processing document before submitting. If something Goes Horribly Awry and your post doesnít make it to the intended thread due to power fluctuation/signal interruption/whatever, you donít have to spend the next hour(s) trying to re-construct your brilliant reposte to some dim bulb who obviously did not Do The Reading Or The Viewing but prefer to go through life with an untreated case of craniorectal inversion, throwing together arguments with whatever they can find up there.

[Hmm. Thereís some promising material for the curse warfare thread, should anyone care to take advantage of it.]

Anyway. Welcome to the Forums, Marr! I hope our apparent lack of response to your introduction has not discouraged you from returning. We hardly expect anyone to arrive speaking proper Klingon, although if that is where your interests lie this is a good place to pursue them. Be sure to review the translation rules as set forth in the Rules and Regulations page before you get started in order to keep the inevitable confusion down to a dull roar. Iíll address your question about sharp roars in a moment. We have several skilled speakers of taí Hol* who are part of the Forumsí core group of irregulars looking for someone to play with. Sometimes in the manner of a cat with a mouse, but do not fear -- the Mods/Admins speak loudly and carry a big painstick, and anyone rude to newcomers quickly comes to regret it.

I also direct you to the Klingon Language Institute and its postal course, though I donít know how active either are at this time. The first half of this thread lists other sites and resources that are useful for the student of thlIngan Hol*.

As for your search for those knowledgeable in Klingon martial arts, many claim to know about them and to have some degree of skill, and as Klingons are a ... lively bunch, there are posts on combat and martial arts scattered throughout the Forums. But few have the experience to analyze them. One such legitimate combat experts is L. Dale Walter, who wrote:
One problem I have always had with Klingon Culture as portrayed in most of the Trek incarnations is first, the ridiculous hand to hand combat strategy that was taken from Chinese martial arts.  An art that stresses harmony isn't really what a warrior race would choose.  Watching Worf perform Tai Chi is laughable.  Second, the Batleth (and I have used one) is about as inefficient of a weapon as I have ever seen, and the Sword of Kahless is as much of a hazard to the user as the enemy.  They look cool in shows, but are really horridly designed.
I had long since come to similar conclusions, but it is good to have them verified by one who knows of what he speaks. I started a reply post involving close-quarters combat that got stuck in a stalled lift.

*the current dominant Klingon dialect, and the one that most non-native speakers encounter

Richard the Sound Guy: "And the next person to lecture me about canon risks getting shot out of one! Right, gaffers?"
Gaffers make appreciative and supportive remarks in the form of bad imitations of primate calls from the direction of the lighting grids.
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