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Author Topic: Greetings from Chicago  (Read 2191 times)

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« on: 07 14, 2009, 06:03: PM »

My Klingon name is Kreed, son of Jo'Ka.  I have been a fan of Star Trek for 30 of my 36 years and I ventured upon this site while doing research for Klingon Warrior Academy courses at STARFLEET.  I serve as Commanding Officer of the USS Chicago and carry the rank of Fleet Captain in STARFLEET.

My interests are in writing, in which I published my first science fiction novel in 2004.  I've recently gotten in to costuming, thanks to inspiration from my first officer and STARFLEET friends.  I have completed my first Ha'quj, and I am working on a second.  I'm also working on collecting materials to start a Klingon costume.  I also have 10 years of experience in webmastering and managing online communities, and I'm pretty handy with web graphics.

I look forward to enjoying the comradery of this forum, born in mutual interests.

ngem Sargh lIghwI' pagh cha'
Thought Master
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When a show of teeth doesn't work, bite deeply.

« Reply #1 on: 07 17, 2009, 06:57: AM »

    Welcome to the Klingon Imperial Forums, son of Jo'ka.  Glad you could finally join us.  And I hope you ca forgive the lateness of my reply, it has been a rather active week for me.

     Do I understand you are writing a Klingon Curriculum for pajama wearing 'fleeters?   Kai Kassai!  That is an ambitious project.   Anyone who thinks they can teach those misguided, naive busybodies what it is like to be a Klingon warrior definitely has the butlh* to be worthy of my respect.

    Which brings me to a minor point I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to mention that our Posting guidelines require translations for all Klingon words, since not everyone who reads these forums is fluent, has thefull set of Klingon language materials or ought to be pressed into looking up a word to figure out what you meant.  You can use boldface(since Klingon is to be spoken boldly, hehehe) and a footnote as I did with butlh or just slip a parenthetical translation after the word, such as "I finished my first Ha'quj(honor sash) and I'm working on a second".

    You are a published author?  Another great honor you have won.  You are more than welcome to plug your book, here in this thread where the topic is you.  You don't have to if you wish to maintain anonymity or modesty, though I don't get the impression you are.  As you can see above I do joke about Klingons being better than hyoomins, but we are all humans in real life, so we(both the staff and forum visitors) do respect real life desires when it comes to real life privacy or modesty.

    I also look forward to discussions and disagreements (disagreements are the most fun for Klingons }}:P ) on all things Klingon.

* Literally 'dirt under fingernails, but has the same basic meaning as Hutzpah, gall, or if you must resort to male specific terms(which can be dangerous as we have serveral warriors who are most adamantly female)...  ahem 'testicular fortitude'.
Her Nibbs
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That which does not kill me, must have missed me.

« Reply #2 on: 09 29, 2009, 10:51: AM »

(Preface: I wrote this out while it was still timely, and donít know why it isnít up. Either weíve got troubles in Code City, or, having written it, I crossed it off my posts-in-progress. In either event I hope that Kreed has subscribed to this thread and will be back to read it.)

quoth Klythe   butlh*  Literally 'dirt under fingernails, but has the same basic meaning as Hutzpah, gall, or if you must resort to male specific terms(which can be dangerous as we have serveral warriors who are most adamantly female)...  ahem 'testicular fortitude'.
  If I had a DarSeq1 for every apologist who argued that Klingon culture and fans arenít sexist based on the very weak of evidence of a gender-neutral pronoun, Iíd be a wealthy woman indeed, and could build an estate to which I could retire and enjoy the company of my champion targhmey and Sarghmey.

But instead I must work for my keep, and challenge both Klinfolk and Klingonists to reflect their enlightened thinking in their vocabulary. (Here I am willing to relax my standards somewhat for non-native English speakers, unless they studied Latin or Greek, in which case they should know better.) Gonadal is much more appropriate than testicular, for it covers any and all reproductive vigors, including those of peoples covers any and all reproductive vigors, including those of peoples who do not conform to the binary expected Western Human norms of male and female, but have multiple sexes and/or gender designations, or those who fall between or outside of Human binary chromosomal expectations of XX=female, XY=male, and never the twain shall meet.

Fortunately for all, Kreedís mention of having published novels to his credit has piqued my interest and de-railed my screed. Is the one going to give us any details, or will I have to reassign some of my operatives to flesh out your dossier?  I hate to waste what progress they have made on a number of assignments, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me before. A weakness I probably ought not to be admitting to in public.

Kreed, I ask you as an experienced writer that you take a look at the Forum Neverending Story. It has lain alone and forgotten for too long, and could use an experienced hand to begin to integrate the different contributorsí story elements.

1 DarSeq = unit of currency

Richard the Sound Guy: "And the next person to lecture me about canon risks getting shot out of one! Right, gaffers?"
Gaffers make appreciative and supportive remarks in the form of bad imitations of primate calls from the direction of the lighting grids.
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