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Author Topic: Where is my all metal DkTahg?  (Read 31781 times)
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« on: 11 30, 2008, 10:16: PM »

I greet all who read these ramblings  but I want action!
Why haven't any guilds made a replica of the "David Killer"?Spikes that are functional not blunted studs for smooth heads.
I have the machined complex geared "24th century warriors knife".A squat bladed square quillioned oversized short sword with a ball that has  nubs on it for a pommel.
I even have a crudely cast quasi-replica out of metal, the aluminum grip is close but again squat tipped blade with a nubbed pomel.
I contacted Starfortress Productions and this was his response:
Dear ogriq,

The secret is this. The original ST3 knife was stolen from the set right after shooting. A number of years later a well known regular prop maker for NG came to the guy that makes these because he was the only one that had a working one that they'd ever seen since that epic in order to design it for them. Thus came the DaQ-tagh (correctly spelled) that Gowron used in "Redemption". Technically it's not springloaded, it's lever operated. The spikes are metal on the combat version and are proportionate to the correct size of the dagger. There are several designs proposed for the stub blades that you've not seen. a mock edge can be arranged. I hope your country has no quams about double edged blades either, else that will have to be altered as well. The grip as cast urathane, not metal. This is NOT a mass production item and I would NOT look forward to seeing many of them in existance. The prop maker makes them once a year and not more than 10 per run, as he's quite busy.

- starfortressproductions
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I could not commit without a picture and with steel blades their version would cost 300.00
And so I ask WHERE IS MY DK Tahgl
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That which does not kill me, must have missed me.

« Reply #1 on: 12 01, 2008, 04:03: AM »

I have read your message several times and cannot find the core of complaint. You cannot find the exact features you are looking for? Did an artisan do a custom job that did not satisfy you, and you feel cheated out of $300?  You don’t want to pay that much for a prop that does not meet your specifications? You paid for a Daqtaq that you never received? You lost yours and wish to replace it?  You wish to kill David Marcus? (There are many in that position; if he still lived, there would be many fighting one another for the privilege.)

Between R&D, the time it takes to make anything individually by hand (as opposed to on an assembly line), and the cost of materials, you have to expect to pay an arm and a leg for custom pieces. But you are a Klingon warrior and can do without them, right? }}: /  There are also the intangibles for the artisan’s time and expertise that work their way into the price.

There are also probably many of those gray-area copyright issues we all must diligently watch for. With the CBS/Viacom split, who knows what form the potential ghew* that will crawl up Paraborg’s 'o'** will ultimately take? Both artisans and mass-marketers must take these factors into consideration when designing and executing goods.

Complaining that you can’t find what you want won’t get it to you any sooner.  If you are looking for a heavily customized piece, try to contact prop and costume makers, tell them what you want in excruciating detail (you *will* be paying a lot for this), give them time to work up an estimate, and start haggling.

If any still live and work, members of the Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild may be of assistance. The only contacts I have are K'Daq (kdaq at kingwoodcable dot com) and K”Beck (K-beck.tai.DevnoH at usa dot net). I do not know if either of these are still valid.

If I misinterpret your words, calm down, sleep on them, and try again to state your... whatever it is you are trying to get across. We have had several artisans cross these Forums in their travels who have left contact information. If they cannot accommodate your wishes, they may be able to steer you toward a metalsmith who can.

-=- Kesvirit

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« Reply #2 on: 12 01, 2008, 07:27: PM »

I may be wrong but I get the impression he wants a real d'ktahg like a real 24th century Klingon would carry... ie with a real (sharp) blade, proper sharp spikes on the handle etc... and is complaining becuase they don't exist.

for myself, this scares me... what is the point?  why does someone need a real weapon as opposed to one that looks the part?

Is it legal to carry such a knife in the USA?  It is not legal in England or Australia so in these countries such a knife could only be a display piece in a locked cabinet?  If I don't want to fight with a knife and kill someone then whats the point in owning one when at least a prop can be used with my costume.

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« Reply #3 on: 12 02, 2008, 02:59: PM »

I got the same feeling that he was lamenting his inability to get such a weapon. Having several interesting knives and swords, I can see the value in owning a real weapon designed for such a use, but also the limited use such a weapon would have. I have carried both prop and real weapons with my Klingon uniform, and I do prefer the real ones, because they are generally sturdier and hold up to the rigors of convention going. I have broken every prop knife I have ever owned.

In the US, Knife laws are a state issue in most cases, there are very few federal laws about knives. I know in my state it is possible to get permits to carry certain knives, but the permits are only good in the city or town that issues them, and we have 169 different in my state alone, so in theory you would need 169 permits. Now there are also some knives that do not require permits. Either way, law enforcement usually recognizes historical reenactments and ceremonial weapons on uniforms as well outside the spirit of this law and does not enforce them in these settings. I have been to conventions in 4 states and never had a problem, including during a photo shoot on a public beach. Then again, I have never used these weapons in a violent manner, which I am sure would not please the authorities.

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« Reply #4 on: 01 06, 2009, 11:06: PM »


Something like this maybe??    Smiley

13 inch 440C Blade Steel, Black Micarta Handle, Spring loaded side 'guards'.

I just started it the other day. It works and I'm done with the inside, now I need to work on the blade and handle.
I'm a knifemaker in my spare time and I've wanted to make a real D'k Tag for a long while now...finally got around to it.
Was searching for pictures and found this post. I should be done with it in a few days depending on if I get the time to work on it.

....if there was a demand I might be able to be the supply.
Quality steel, heat treated blades, custom handle materials, custom look....
Let me get this first one done and we'll see if I can make it worthy.

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« Reply #5 on: 01 11, 2009, 11:18: AM »

Done with the inside, just starting to make the outside look nice.
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