An Almost Definative Guide To Star Trek Drinks

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I have started a project to try and create an almost definitive guide to star trek drinks.  I have scoured the internet and have pulled a 'few' drinks recipes together.

Here is my most current version of 'An Almost Definitive Guide TO Star Trek Drinks'

There are still a few things that need to be sorted out, including all of the credits and a few extra drinks to add. Hopefully you will all enjoy and benefit from this document, I am hoping to get your comments on the current version so that I can improve it for the future versions that I will be doing.



Initial suggestion: Feature your information on a web page and include the option to download the .pdf document on it. The theory is that the less work people have to do to see your content, the more likely they are make the effort to read it. People are able to link to a webpage, which will increase your traffic and exposure. If visitors like what they see and want to put it into practice, they can download the .pdf and take it with them to the event site for reference.

I really like the cover illustration. Looks like a stylized scent hound. Is it supposed to be anything or anyone in particular?

Have you taken your recipies in their entirity from those sites listed in the Credits and Links section on p.2? Given that we are all subject to invasion by Paraborg/CBS’s legal fleet I don’t know how much control Guinan’s, K’Tesh, and have over the distribution of their work. Regardless, I advise you to ask their permission whenever possible before reprinting their work under your own name. Not doing so is tantamount to stealing, and in much of the Empire stealing can cost you your hands. At a minimum. Although it may not be a procesutable offense, you do not want to make enemies among Klingons. I also recommend that you credit the original author (when known) for each original recipe used wholemeal.

Having said that, you may also wish to contact Guildmistress Suzilla at the Klingon Imperial Brewers and Bartenders Guild

Providing conversions for all the measurements included in the Guide is a definite plus.

Not being much of a drinker I can’t offer much advice on the recipes themselves. I would suggest that you include non-alchoholic versions of your more popular drinks for those PG-13 parties. You may or may not host them, but I suspect that most of those who use the guide will at some point. You want your guide to be a one-stop reference so your prospective readers won’t need to go looking elsewhere.

The front cover image is actually a picture from Quark's Bar

I would like to thank everybody from the following websites for providing the recipes for this guide.  Without them it would have been impossible to put together such an exhaustive guide to the many drinks that are out there.  If I you read this and find that I have missed you from my credit list then please email me on the above address and I can add you.

I would also like to thank my work colleagues for helping me with the proof reading and picking me up when I was down.  If they hadn’t been around then it would have taken me a lot longer to get here, and it probably wouldn’t have been as good.
Klingon Imperial Brewers and Bartenders Guild and mailing list
Guinan’s Bar and Grill
The Empire food and beverage guild
K’tesh Klingon food and drink pages
Modern Drunkard take on Star Trek Drinks
Webtender Star Trek Drinks
Academy of the IKV Melota
Joe Bartender Star Trek Drinks
Drinkswap Star Trek Drinks
Drinksmixer Star Trek Drinks
Star Trek recipes on Yahoo Groups
Noel Green Star Trek themed party
Star Trek recipes on MSN group

Does the link in your first post still work?  I tried to access it at home and it said i was deleated or closed.


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