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 on: 12 04, 2017, 03:12: AM 
Started by K'Tar KorDaS - Last post by qoSagh
I would think the biggest factor here will be what kind of ceremony will be used apart from any potential Klingon elements. If it is something that is set well in advance (as with most religious services) there is probably no effective way to incorporate anything Klingon. Even if it is a less formal or less organized ceremony, you do want to make sure whatever you add will not disrupt the flow of the ceremony. Discussing any such plans with the officiant will be important.

 on: 11 05, 2017, 09:57: PM 
Started by Daigle - Last post by qoSagh
Welcome, always good to see someone new to Klindom.

 on: 10 29, 2017, 06:50: PM 
Started by Daigle - Last post by Daigle


The forums requested that I introduce myself.

I have always been a fan of Star Trek as I grew up watching TOS with my dad.

I'm a Cajun attorney living in Texas.

I am now a father of two girls and one of them had wanted to learn a "secret" language so we could speak only to each other.  So I started learning Klingon.  Unfortunately, their interest waned and now they want to learn Japanese (We'll see how long that lasts.)  However, I have put some effort into learning the language, and though I am still building a vocabulary base and am not yet near fluent I wanted to read some Klingon and googled short stories in Klingon and found the forum.  

That is why I am here.

 on: 10 18, 2017, 05:42: AM 
Started by weslipuqlod - Last post by lez
Does anybody know what vanssa komarr as in vanssa komarr tokhesa  from the Klingon Strike Force Agonizer 1 means?

 on: 08 25, 2017, 11:48: PM 
Started by Nerroth - Last post by Klythe
    Believe me, I would really love to see the Feline Empires and Gorn RPG books.  Of course Federation would be their #1 priority, it sounds like the Orions and Tholians are next in line after that.

    They are very small team of about 6-9 and they are maintaining at least that many product lines (SFC, F&E, FC, ACTA, SFBF, all three flavours of PD, etc) including customer service,  printing, shipping, alpha testing, quality assurance, probably most of the art, writing, etc.   I suspect a bunch of the art and miniature sculpting too, though they probably outsource some art and sculpting as well.     Honestly, with as relatively obscure and niche their products are, I'm rather surprised they've still managed to stay in business consistently since the 70s.   Seems to be pretty much a labour of love and they will publish what they know they can sell do, what will sell, when they can do it.   

    Especially as their core of their business has always been the tactical and strategic simulation games, as their first product was SFB after all, and that is the main driving force for developing the detail in their universe.   The RPGs are a more recent thing for them that they could do with all the lore they generated to support the tactical and strategic games.  So I understand why their RPG products wouldn't be their top priority.

 on: 08 25, 2017, 10:17: PM 
Started by shaggy5483 - Last post by Klythe
    Be Welcome to these forums.   We try to be as agreeable and friendly as Klingons can be, as we must to be worthy of the name "Klingon Diplomatic Corps".   We have a whole section  costuming discussions and ideas over at the Costumer's Guild section and we are quite possibly the best place on the internet to discuss Klingon culture in a broad minded, intellectual manner, while staying fun and full of Klingon fannish flavour.

    As far as I know, at last count there were less than 30 people actually fluent in Klingon.   We don't expect anyone to be fluent, quite the opposite, we expect people do their best to communicate with everyone, which means if you are going to use a Klingon language, you are expected to explain what you said so non-speakers can understand, except as otherwise indicated in the Klingon-language only forum and the Klingon writing and fonts thread, which exist specifically for language immersion and technical reasons.

 on: 08 25, 2017, 08:06: PM 
Started by Commander Kurn - Last post by Commander Kurn
Klythe I was saying that I do not wish to become enemies with any-one on here, I apologize for not being clear on that Embarrassed from what you said about your house it sounds like they use the wolf in their house symbol and see the wolf as a symbol of strength and have wolf type creatures as "pets" that would be fine as allies, I am specificly not fond of the creatures that are men/ women one minute and wolf type creatures the next or vampire type creatures. also am not friendly towards changelings ("founders" race such as Odo from ds9 in particular) although the house of kamok is not friendly with any non-Klingons will tolerate federation types (for the most part) so yeah from what you have told me our houses I think could be allies. 

 on: 08 25, 2017, 05:26: PM 
Started by shaggy5483 - Last post by shaggy5483
My name is KC. I joined up primarily because I'll be looking for guidance in a new cosplay that I'm working on. However, I'm also very interested in the Klingon culture, and have been working to learn the language a bit, although I'm definitely not fluent. I've been a fan pretty much all my life and look forward to learning about the fandom from a new perspective. Thanks in advance for being an awesome group of people!

Novice Fleeter

 on: 08 25, 2017, 02:24: AM 
Started by Commander Kurn - Last post by qoSagh
I am not a big fan of any non Klingon basis for a Klingon house, so werewolves, vampires, vikings, dragons (except the Durgoth) and other such are generally out in my opinion. That being said we can not know all the races that humans in Trek have met and by extension there must be even more unknown races in the empire, so anything is possible. I am by no means a strict canonista, but I do try to stick with expanded canon (to include books and comics) whenever possible.

As for the ships, I think private household fleets do exist but are likely made up of older ships and staffed by veterans, who have left the KDF for their house fleets after some years of service. I am not quite sure how much these fleets interact with the imperial fleets and if that interaction is friendly or not. Although I suspect that all Klingons fleets will stand together to fight against non Klingons.

 on: 08 25, 2017, 12:21: AM 
Started by Commander Kurn - Last post by Klythe
     So many things in Klingon, happen meanly because someone proclaims it and no one has any reason to argue the point.   If you say you are of House Blablah, then House Blablah exists and you are an undisputed member of it(up until someone who can make a firm claim on that House name disputes it).   This is exactly how Thought-Captain Krenn founded a Line in "The Final Reflection".  He simply picked a name he was sure was not being used, and just said he has become a Linefounder and founded that Line. 

    How much proclaiming of your new Line or House you feel is necessary is entirely your own prerogative.   One Forum Member had set up a Line Registry that is longer operative, so others have taken to adding their House and Lines to the announcement thread.   Ultimately I am fully confident my House name is original, so I currently have no reason to shout it out to the void of space for the benefit of the naked stars.   Since there are not a lot of active Klingon fans that worrying about a name collision need concern anyone, save from someone who would claim a name from the show or published game supplements...

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