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Author Topic: Rules and Regulations: The Forum Etiquette and Posting Guidelines  (Read 19023 times)
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« on: 10 03, 2003, 08:53: AM »

Rules and Regulations: The Forums' Etiquette and Posting Guidelines v.2.1. PLEASE READ BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER.

Welcome to the KIDC’s Klingon Imperial Forums!

The Posting Guidelines are a work in progress and will be modified as we work out the peculiarities of the software and as circumstances dictate. Check back periodically for updates. The date of the last edit can be found at the very bottom of the post. Most of this follows general net conventions; some of it is specific to the Forums’ software. The goal is to make the Forums run more smoothly.

General Rules:

   * No outright swearing. This is one of Lady K'Zin's few hard-and-fast rules as detailed in the Registration Agreement.

   * Do not link to eBay auctions when posting about goods and/or services sought or available.

   * Read the entire thread before posting to it. Someone may have already covered the point you want to make.

   * Be sparing with the "me too" posts. They add clutter and do little to contribute to the discussion.

   * When starting a new thread, check to see if there is a more appropriate section for your topic before posting to the General Discussion section.

   * Indicate the general subject of a thread within its title. Titles such as "Need help" or "Looking for Information" are vague; "Looking for Info on Model Building" is more specific, more likely to grab attention, and more likely to jog some memories. (Note: BBcode won’t work in thread titles.)

   * When you have judged that a reply is sufficiently off-topic to warrant its own thread, post the reply to the appropriate subforum with its new heading.
   * Don’t double post. A double post is:
         --  Posting the same message more than once. This can come across as spam and lose you credibility in the eyes of your fellow posters. Use your best judgment to decide on the most appropriate section for your post, or contact an Admin.
         --  Two or more posts in the same thread in a row, except where justified by post length, topic shift, or time between posts. Instead, edit your previous post by clicking the Edit button on the top of your post and edit it to include your update. This keeps the message bases easier to read.

   * Keep your signature to four lines.    

   * If you quote someone else in your post, specify who.

   * Don't quote any more of a previous post than you need to in order to respond and make your point.

   * Never insult or attack someone personally just because they do not agree with you. The idea is to attack the argument, not the poster. You can defend your own opinions with facts, research, logical reasoning, and links to relevant material. That is the diplomatic way to handle things and is what is expected of our Forum members.

   * If your are not already, become proficient with a search engine! Google and Yahoo are the most popular. This is a basic aspect of computer literacy and will make your on-line time much more rewarding and productive.  It will also allow you to gather more ammunition for the wars of words and ideas that go so far toward enlivening Forum conversation. If you need help, Brain Candy is a good search engine tutorial aimed at younger users. Bare Bones 101 is a simple, interactive tutorial that goes into a bit more depth.

   * Do not assume that other Forum members are male, or for that matter, warriors. The administrators take a very dim view of such default settings, and have made it a point to welcome females into all aspects of Klingon society.

   * Post any questions, suggestions, or problems you may have to Forum Feedback, or contact Kesvirit via PM or email.

   * Forum administrators appreciate member input and take as much as possible into account in making decisions. Once made, these decisions stand. Be prepared to take “no” for an answer, and know that such replies are not made lightly. Only Lady K’Zin may override an administrator’s decision, and has the final say over all Forum matters. Do not “moderator shop” in the hopes of getting the answer you want. Administrators are in regular contact with each other, and may forward incoming messages to one another for input and to expedite responses.

On Composing a Post:

   * Do not post all in capital letters. This is the equivalent of shouting and is considered rude.

   * Go easy on the smilies. You don't need three in a row to make your feelings known. The same applies to exclamation points and question marks.

   * Don't skip any more lines in your posts than you need to. Skipping one line between paragraphs and two between major points should be plenty.

   * If your post includes words in tlhIngan Hol, please provide an English translation somewhere within the post unless you are posting in the "Conversation in tlhIngan Hol only" section. This applies to thread titles as well as posts. Posts lacking translations may be deleted. A comprehensive inventory of klingonaase can be found here for those who wish to use it.

   * Any attempts at pIqaD are confined to the Unicode fonts, keymaps, and related topics thread and the Conversation in thlIngan Hol only section.  
         --  Everything written in the Unicode fonts, keymaps, and related topics thread must include translations into English using the standardized Roman character set for all pIqaD or thlIngan writing. Posts lacking translations may be deleted.
         --  Any pIqaD used in the Conversation in thlIngan Hol only section must be accompanied by a complete transliteration of the text into the standardized Roman character set. Posts lacking transliterations may be deleted.

   * I realize that Forum members have differing levels of language skills and fluency, but please do your best to observe the basic rules of written English. At a minimum, this means starting your sentences with a capital letter and ending them with a period. Readers need to be able to tell when your sentences begin and where they end. Aside from the occasional LOL- or IIRC-level acronym, do not use “txt tlk”, 1337-speak or the like. We’re not out to crush anyone’s personal style; we’re just aiming for a certain collective legibility.

A few suggestions based on personal experience:

- When posting your email address on the open boards, don’t use the normal format of myaddress@domain.com or the alternate of myaddress[at]domain[dot]com. Spam harvesting bots are everywhere and these are very easy patterns to recognize. Instead, use something like myaddress at domain dot com. If you are worried that you have inadvertently fed the spambots on these or other Forums, run your email address through a search engine. If you get any hits, you can usually go back to where you posted it and edit it out.

- When you go to enter your post, you will see three buttons at the bottom of the post entry form page: "Post Reply”, "Preview Post", and “Spell Check”. Previewing your post is recommended, especially if it contains BB code. Incorrect use of the code will destroy the effect you intend to create, particularly if it involves links. Using the spell check is not required, but is appreciated.

- If you compose your posts offline in a word processing or email application with the intent of posting them later, turn off the "smart quotes" before you start writing. Otherwise, using the copy-and-paste process to transfer text from one application to another may wreak havoc with your punctuation. Though its location varies from one application/platform to the next, the smart quotes function is usually within the "Edit" control bar under "Preferences".

Members of the KIDC, Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild, and KAG Kanada, please check in with Kesvirit. We have subforums for you that you may not know about.

For further reference, see the "FYI (For Your Information) -- Frequently Used Terms, Acronyms, and Abbreviations" thread.

For those wondering how to add a signature or avatar, see this posting permissions and perks post.

Again, feedback is welcome. If you have any suggestions, contact Kesvirit or post them to Forum Feedback.

Happy posting!
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