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Author Topic: Sociology Paper  (Read 8169 times)

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« on: 11 05, 2008, 09:09: PM »

Hello. I am conducting a paper for my College Sociology Class. This paper is on Cross-Racial/Ethnic diversities and I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer some interview questions in order to help me. I decided to choose the Klingon race due the lack of understanding of such. The following is the purpose for my paper and the questions I will be asking to answer. After answering the questions if you could please provide counter questions to me similar to the questions I have asked that would be of great help. Thank you.

“Objectives: This assignment is another “Applied Sociology” experience in which you will both conduct an interview and experience being interviewed on the topic of racial and/or ethnic identity.  The issues associated with race, ethnicity, privilege, disadvantage, racism, etc. are often challenging topics for people in our society to discuss- even among close friends. The conventional wisdom seems to be to avoid discussion or acknowledgement of differences at all costs, particularly with people who are different than you. However, it is actually critically important that we engage in honest, respectful discussions with people of different races or ethnicities from our own. This is the only true path to greater understanding and hope for decreased tension. “

    What race or ethnic group do you consider yourself a part of?
    How important is race, ethnicity to your overall self identity?
    Do you identify more with your racial group or your ethnic group?
    How has your experience of your racial, ethnic identity changed over time (i.e. from childhood until now)?
    Discuss experiences of privilege and/or oppression/racism associated with your racial or ethnic identities.
    How tolerant are others about your race/ethnicity?
    Do you feel like others are ill-informed about your race/ethnicity?
    Is there a bond you feel between others of your same race/ethnicity, if so can you describe it?
    Was there ever a time you wished you could change your race or ethnicity?
    How do you deal with social intolerances?
    Are there stereotypes or negative messages about your race or ethnicity that are particularly disturbing to you?
    For recent immigrants: Tell me about why you came to the United States? 
    What has been the best/the worst part of life here? 

    How often do you discuss your race/ ethnicity?
    How comfortable do you feel talking about your race/ethnicity?
    What feelings do you get discussing it?
    Are there any other things you would like to point out that I have not asked that you feel would be a benefit in understanding your race/ethnicity?[/li]

Thank you again.
Serious responses only please. This is going to be a graded paper and I need only honest answers.
My email is mseidler88@live.com if you would like to email me your responses instead of posting.
« Reply #1 on: 11 10, 2008, 09:09: AM »

Hello SociologyPaper,

You want serious responses on your questions and you picked this forum because it's members consider themselves to be of the Klingon race? I am not sure I understand this.
Although I consider myself being a Klingon in some way, only the people in this forum know that.  Outside of this Forum your questionnaire is full of significance to me personally because I too, just like a recently very famous American, have a father from one continent, a mother from another and I grew up on yet another continent on this planet. And I belong to a small minority in the country I live in right know. But then it has nothing whatsoever to do with me being on the Klingon Imperial Forums. What do you expect from Klingons?

In one of the Star Trek movies when Terrans had Klingon guests on the Enterprise, one of the Terrans was asking the Klingons whether they respect the "unalienable human rights". The Klingons took this as an insult, because they knew that "aliens" are non-Terran people and "human" is taken to be equivalent to Terran.  So yes, there is an issue of discrimination in the Star Trek universe. But I have the feeling that this is not what you mean to inquire about.

« Reply #2 on: 11 14, 2008, 01:56: PM »

Star Trek VI
Enterprise: Klingons and Federation crew at dinner table:

Enterprise guy with Russian accent:  We do believe all planets have a sovereign claim to inalienable human rights.

Female Klingon:  "Inalienable", if you could only hear yourselves. "Human rights": the very name is racist.
Federation is no more than a homo sapiens only club.

Spock:  (Vulcan, not Human)  Present company excepted ofcourse.

Klingon man: In any case, we know where this leads to: The annihilation of our culture.

Captain Kirk: That's not true

Klingon: We need breathing room!

Kirk: Earth, Hitler 1938

Klingon with eye patch: I beg your pardon?


* dinner_enterprise.gif (39.59 KB, 397x308 - viewed 183 times.)
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